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danny a. danny a.
It was blue
Nicely built I thought it would be a crap bomb.
Jeff and Christy Carvalho Jeff and Christy Carvalho
Works great! Excellent price!
This is way more than I expected for the price it works for excellent I’ve used all 3 and I’m blown away at the quality, I just use for hobby type stuff but have used it every day since I received it. I would definitely recommend.
Lloyd Lloyd
Plasma cutter.
I had a problem. It could have Ben mine. But vevor helped out. Better than I thought. I think politeness goes a long way. Thanks vevor.!!!
Howard M. Howard M.
A great value
I'm using it to cut roll pans on my suburban and reweld new ones
Cloe Cloe
Amazing fast and efficient
It's worth every penny you get great customer service the packaging was very well protecting the machine they respond so fast I love it honestly Worth every penny customer service was really helpful and nice Best investment so many different settings. Oliver in customer service was very nice
Ray Ray
Requires Argon and compressed air
Seems to work as described.
mike d mike d
everything looks as it should except the air regulator was broken. I made another one work temporarly , just so i could make sure the plasma cutter worked and it did.
Brains Ironically Brains Ironically
Great machine for a hobbyist.
Going to be honest: First machine I got was busted. Contacted the seller, and they made it right. And they did it quickly. Can *NOT* say they didn't treat me well.Second machine was 100% functional. And it's a blast to play with!The manual is... not so great. It took a little bit of head scratching to figure it out, but it's decipherable.Needed to get a few extras from the welding store before I could get busy:- Argon (for the TIG)- tungsten electrodes (Took the TIG stuff with me to the store, and the dude there knew what I needed)- filler rod for TIG welding- a couple ARC electrodes (I got some 7014's because I didn't know what I needed, I should have gotten some 6010's)- a fitting for the argon flow regulator to connect it to the supplied gas line (I took my regulator with me and again, the dude knew exactly what I needed)- an air fitting to connect an air hose to the machine (I guess this would depend on your particular compressor setup, I needed a male connection for the air reducer)I think that was everything I bought that was for the machine. I also picked up some other stuff I knew I needed for welding: welding gloves, a welding shirt, some new clamps and vice grip clamps. Stuff I already had: Welding helmet (they include some shades in with the machine, by an auto-darkening helmet is pretty nice to have, imho).I think that was about it. Overall, if I get a couple years out of this machine, as a hobbyist, I think it'll be an absolute steal for the price!
davicaldwel-9 davicaldwel-9
Really cool 3 in 1 !
The unit is perfect for my small shop, easy to operate. When you try plasma cutting and you never have before it's going to need to be fine tuned to get the best performance. Once it's adjusted right mark your settings, and order more consumables because by the time I got my cutter adjusted correctly , I burnt up all three electrodes !
bobpuckett bobpuckett
Love this machine!
All Pro's Item was just as discribed, had a bad pressure gauge and when I messaged them they were quick to refund me the amount to buy one locally can't ask for more then that. First thing I tried was the plasma cutter, tried it with 110V and 1/8" steel was cut with only a little problem but then plugged it in to 220V and had no problem cutting 1/2 " steel. leaving it plugged into 220V I ran some beads with 7018 1/8" rods worked like a charm. I highly recommend this unit!

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