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Rider Mak Rider Mak
61 m 6300 lbs
Rope run properly the sheaves will be perpendicular, not parallel, and there will be no contact between running lines.
FishLung FishLung
61 m 6300 lbs
Nice blocks but rope a bit disappointing
Saw a YouTube video of a guy pulling out a huge tree stump with a mechanical advantage setup. Since I have several stumps in my yard thought I would try this before hiring a backhoe. Studying up on use and methods as well as rope splicing an eye into each end. This was when I discovered I did NOT receive 'double braid rope' as listed in the description! I ordered the ordered 7/16 x 250 ft and as the photo shows I got a single braided cover with a 12 strand core. Additionally, for a brand new rope I was surprised that there were several defects (9 counted so far) in the cover -- see photos. While I'm not sure how they will affect performance I will update this review if necessary.
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61 m 6300 lbs
One person lift 400lb beams
I used this block & tackle to lift multiple 400 lb I beams in place in order to weld them together. I used three sections (30') of Rohn 25G tower as a temporary vertical support guyed by three ropes. This saved me the cost of renting a crane over an unknown period of time. The only thing I had to watch out for is protecting the rope from snags and any stray welding splatter.
Ryan Youngblood Ryan Youngblood
61 m 6300 lbs
Excellent pulley for light commercial use.
This unit work excellent I was lifting material up 60 feet plus. I attached over 600 pounds and pulled it by hand with ease. it does not like to go down with the ropes without a weight but that is expected being a four-part pulley.
Paul Paul
61 m 6300 lbs
Not an expert but what I do know is they are made well and of good quality.
Jihyon Kim Jihyon Kim
61 m 6300 lbs
It works.
It is working exactly how I needed. It is smooth and easy. I was hoisting 3’x5’x1/2” cement boards up high to install on wall. The system came with zero written instructions nor product information, virtually no paper at all. It was in a plastic bag and hand made cardboard box.
Crayola Kid Crayola Kid
61 m 6300 lbs
Can't beat 5:1 mechanical advantage
So far I've only used it minimally but it worked like a charm. I gave 4 stars because although everything was brand new, the rope had some of the inner fibers "fraying" out of the outer layer. I've never had that issue w/ other ropes I've purchased. I purchased the unit for arbor work & use around the ranch. Had to pick up a couple carabeaners & prusic cord. I expect years of use out of the pulley system. Would recommend to others.
Capt Joel Capt Joel
61 m 6300 lbs
Solid , smooth Rollers. Easy to set up
Quality build. I like the easy way you can slide it to get a long rope in... Very smooth rollers.
wildworld wildworld
61 m 6300 lbs
Durable and easy to use
Very nice looks like it can be a work horse that'll last a long time.The system is light weight easy to move around and durable. I haven't taken the system to it's limits yet but it's been able to haul several loads of logs so far and the mechanical advantage of the pulleys turns it from a chore to a nice easy task. No need for a winch anymore.
Kevin H. Kevin H.
61 m 6300 lbs
Durable and easy to use.

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