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Takes the bearing right off the carrier without a problem and ensures the bearing is not damaged. I had a carrier that requires shims below bearing. No need for setup bearing, this thing takes the bearing right off in a minute. You need to watch a video on line to ensure you are using it correctly.
Don Lewis Don Lewis
Must have tool to change bearings
The tool worked great.Good quality tool.Made changing the bearings in my 99 ford superduty easy.
waltscarco waltscarco
Good for the money
Love this tool. Wish I had one years ago
VEVOR Customer VEVOR Customer
Saves so much time!
Would be nice to have a smaller clamshell for the Ford 8.8 pinion bearing. I just reversed the black one and it worked. Pulled the carrier bearings like butter. Should have bought this long ago!
VEVOR Lower Bearing Carrier Puller Propeller Bearing Puller W/ Adjustable Arms
Lori Putnam Lori Putnam
VEVOR Carrier & Pinion Bearing Puller,
This thing is quite heavy for what it is. Quality is very good, and it worked really well. Pulled pinion bearing off a Sterling 10.5 multiple times with not problems at all. Money well spent in my opinion. I have a Dana 60 HD that I will get used on soon. It will get put to good use over the coming years.
Raymond Cordova Colon Raymond Cordova Colon
Bearing separators
This bearing separator is one of a kind it takes out a bearing without ruining it and you could reuse the bearing if it’s necessary or do you just want to replace them this is one of the best tools I’ve bought in my life it’s not a cheap one but it gets the job done and that’s what’s important that you don’t hurt yourself trying to take out a bearing and sometimes you’re trying to take it out with a tool that might make a part of the bearing when you’re breaking it hit you and hurt you this will take out the bearing without making any damage to the bearing and more and so to yourself the safest way to work they recommend us Mr. Raymond Cordova
Charles H. Charles H.
Works awesome!
Works on GM Truck 8.6" axles perfectly. It took me longer to make sure the tool was lubricated for its first use than it took me to actually remove the bearings. It took maybe 2 minutes to remove both differential side bearings! Super simple to use and has 6 different diameters to choose from. Best money I have spent on a specialty tool in a long, long time! Would definitely recommend for anyone that will work on more than one axle in their life. Saves a huge amount of time compared to the break the cage/cut race/split race technique or even using a 2-jaw puller.
Zeldaaa Zeldaaa
Identical as jegs 250 dollars kit.
I purchased this Vevor kit to compare it to the Jegs kit I bought and they are identical. The threads on each kit are different but other than that they are identical. The shells identical. And honestly this one looks way better. Now I can't compare it to the Yukon one because I don't have one but if this one works why get one. Jegs kit was 250 and this one 100. And both made in China. I have not yet tried them.
Jer H Jer H
Don't wait just buy it.
Wish I would have got this sooner. So much easier and faster.
Mario Fernandes Mario Fernandes
Got the job done!
Affordable and easy to use, got the job done in less than ten minutes on my yamaha Z250 HPDI.

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