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The Horn The Horn
32 mm
It’s A Beast
Made short work of remodeling an old pizza oven. Plenty of power to spare. Delivered on time, and everything was as advertised. This is an honest seller that I would recommend!
David David
Does what it was suppose to do and does an excellent job at it! Goes thru bricks with ease.. Knocked down a fireplace in my home in less than an hour. I actually spent more time hauling bricks than drilling!
Joel Lindow - The Joy Of Fixing (Host) Joel Lindow - The Joy Of Fixing (Host)
32 mm
The Quality and amount of Accessories is AMAZING!
I have to say... I can't believe the quality of this tool. I have a Bosch Hammer of the same size and I'd honestly say this is of the same quality. This also comes with a PILE of accessories as well as extra parts, like the brushes, that you would never see with another version of this tool. Everything about this is high quality.When it arrived I couldn't even believe the value for the price. It doesn't make any sense to me how they could produce something so good with so many accessories for the price they are asking.I recommend this tool. I wish I'd had this option back when I purchased my first bosch because honestly I would have saved HUNDREDS of dollars.
Bob Bob
40 mm
Asset Manager
Job reporting that they have been having good service of this unit. The Rotary Hammer Drill has been used for about 3 weeks on a daily basis without any issues. It has been performing as well as a Bosch unit that we had from a box store.
Reynaldo Alonso Reynaldo Alonso
Atticulo cumple expectativas
La recepción del producto a tiempoContiene instructivo fácil de usar .Al utilizarlo su manejo es muy suave.Gran potencia para taladrar paredde concreto.contiene un kit de brocas muy util.
HandyManMike HandyManMike
This thing sinks drill bits in concrete like it was going through sand. Not cheap poured stuff I'm talking proper poured, cured and aged concrete. I wasted 30 min using water to keep my bit cool with my old hammer drill to tap 2 holes 2" deep. I then sunk 4 holes a full 1" deeper in 5 minutes with this tool and the bit did NOT have time to overheat. Wow really enjoyed using this tool. It pounded the concrete not me. If you are like me, need a hammer drill and don't want to spend 4 x the price for a capable tool then invest a little money in this tool. You will be glad you did.
Syed R. Syed R.
This thing is little heavy. You need muscles in order to operate it. It's quality hammer drill with some extra accessories for ridiculously low price.I like it.
John R. John R.
Love the quality
Used it to chop some walls and to install a door jam ... and I CAN'T say I'm disappointed... Didnt really know much about he brand but I'm sold on this one
Great product for the price
Great product and customer service… went above and beyond to solve a problem
Mac Moniz Mac Moniz
Nice addition to my tool room
I am doing a lot of concrete work and renovations - drilling holes to epoxy rebar into existing foundations and new footings - yes I'm making a violin

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