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C. Harper C. Harper
Durable, portable, cheap, makes excellent sate!
I’m a bonafide purchaser of this grill. I grew up as a missionary kid in Indonesia. Indonesia has the most delicious cuisine in the world, in my opinion, and I’ve literally traveled the world! I have tried many times and in many ways in my 55 years of life to replicate the famous dish (and my favorite Indonesian dish growing up as a boy in Indonesia), sate ayam or skewered chicken on a stick grilled over charcoal and glazed with sweet soy sauce. I tried using my traditional charcoal and gas grills and it just never works well: either the sticks catch fire or the chicken sticks to the grill and tears apart. Even if you use metal skewers, they get too hot and you end up invariably burning a finger. In addition, you gunk up your grill with the secret to great sate: ABC Sweet Soy Sauce. You brush on this sauce while you’re grilling the chicken and it forms a unique - almost teriyaki flavor, but better - delicious glaze that will be a huge success with family and friends IF you do it right. On regular grills, it’s just a mess to grill and especially to clean up after grilling. The sweet soy sauce becomes almost tar like when on hot metal surfaces and it sticks to your grill surface and drips onto the burner protectors and well - I simply don’t recommend even trying to make sate on your regular American gas or charcoal grill. You’ll end up with quite a chore. Chicken meat sticks to hot surfaces and so, even if you coat the surfaces with olive oil, you get pieces of chicken getting stuck and tearing up your chicken pieces. You’ll be disappointed almost certainly. This little sate grill is the closest to what I grew up watching the sate masters in my missionary home town of Kediri use - in fact, almost exactly like they used and in some ways it’s even better. For example, this sate and kabob grill allows you to control exactly how much air is let in as the coals burn and thereby you can control your temperature almost precisely. I use a little fan on the ground to push air
O. emelian O. emelian
You should buy it !!!
I loved it ... easy to clean easy to set up
Candice Candice
Very good BBq
My husband love it!
Fares Chalabi Fares Chalabi
I love thisThis grill i can put it in my little car and BBQ everywhere

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