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LANLocked LANLocked
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I bought these to install on a Sieg mini-mill with solid column and large bed upgrades. I ended up machining all of my brackets however the job was not difficult. The improvement over the capacitive scales I had been using cannot be overstated. The refresh rate is near instantaneous and the resolution is much higher. I did have to cut 2 of the 3 scales but there are tons of videos online explaining how to do this. All in all I could not be happier with the result. I liked them so much I ordered a 2-axis set for my lathe.
SupMac SupMac
Good Value
Good Value for the money. Cut the scales with a power hack saw and customized the brackets for a Grizzly mini mill. Works great and no more counting turns.
GridWork GridWork
Great value, works so far.
Installed the scales on my Mill (G0619). I've used them for a few jobs and they seem to track well. Big improvement over reading the dials on the handwheels! Manual is a bit simplified for the functions available, but workable. I had to do some modifications to the brackets to make everything work, but the mill it went on is a bit odd, so understandable.
WellSeeYaLater WellSeeYaLater
Great product
Lathe Linear Scale works great, although it takes a little time to install, but don't worry, the product page description has a very clear installation steps! They are also very accurate and I would definitely recommend them!
Non Stop Horizon Non Stop Horizon
Great value, does its job very well.
I bought this kit to add digital readouts to a diy cnc router. It represents a great value for this application, and the accuracy is far better than what is needed for woodworking, and is much better than the physical resolution of my steppers.This has made calibration of the steppers much simpler - I use Mach3, which has a calibration routine that sets the number of steps per inch by comparing a specified tool movement distance with actual physical distance moved. Having a DRO to measure the actual distance moved is a huge benefit, and I can be confident that the machine is set up to be as accurate as possible.The DRO panel and scales were shipped separately, and I initially received only the DRO panel. The seller responded immediately, and after a few emails were exchanged, a replacement shipment arrived with the scales. I am very pleased with the customer service, and would order from this seller again.Installation was challenging since my machine design did not take the mounting of the scales into account, but once done it works very well.One thing in the manual that I have not been able to get to work has to do with searching for reference points on the scales in order to allow for recovery of physical positioning of my machine if the tool is moved with the power off. It simply does not work as documented. It could be that these scales do not support this, I do not know. This is a fairly minor issue to me, but I can see how serious machine tool users might want this feature more than I do. (Edit) The benefit of this purchase has already made itself evident. While cutting a kind of tricky part with lots of concentric curves, I lost power due to a breaker tripping.
Non Stop Horizon Non Stop Horizon
Very pleased.
The quality was better than I expected for the price. It is accurate to the best I can measure, likely the .0003" it claims. Repeatability is spot on.This is a universal kit so expect to make mounts to fit your machine.
Non Stop Horizon Non Stop Horizon
Difficult but worth it
Really great! Had to make my own bracelets but it works well
Non Stop Horizon Non Stop Horizon
Excellent value, works great
I installed this on my 14x40 lathe. I was able to shorten one of the scales, no problem.
Non Stop Horizon Non Stop Horizon
Very good Product.
Very good product. So far is working perfect. Very accurate and easy to use and install.
Don Shaffer Don Shaffer
What a buy!!!!
Burnt up my previous DRO when I moved the mill and wired it wrong. It cost $1400 several years ago. Got the Vevor DRO and installed it in 2 hrs for less than $200.

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