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Tom Tom
Hand pump Sprayer
This performs as good as any of the plastic sprayers I have had over the past 40 years, My Father had one for as long as I can remember and my brother still uses it all we have ever done to it is reseal it, I hope mine is as good as it. So far so good
Dave-N-PC Dave-N-PC
Retired Engineer
This sprayer seems to be pretty good quality and I liked very much that it came with spare o-rings, seals, and stop-valve flaps. The price is outstanding but I couldn't recommend it for someone who's not mechanically inclined. I would definitely buy it again for myself... The Problem: (The attachment of the hose barb fitting to the handle) I've seen several other comments here about this fitting leaking, and given the design, I think this is a common problem. The fitting has a shallow o-ring groove, but the finish and size of the sealing surface on the handle aren't really adequate for the size of o-ring supplied. The rough sealing surface of the handle was catching on the o-ring and forcing it out of the groove as I tightened the joint. The o-ring also seemed too large for the shallow groove to hold in place. My Fix: I de-burred the handle's sealing surface and burnished it with 800 grit sandpaper. I then replaced the larger included o-ring with a 1mm x 12mm o-ring from my parts bin, lubricated the o-ring and sealing surface with some silicone, and hand-tightened the joint. At the moment, it seems to be holding pressure adequately. Suggestions: This joint should be modified to provide a larger o-ring sealing surface on the handle and the quality control improved to ensure that it has an adequate surface finish to support an o-ring seal. A slightly deeper o-ring groove on the barb fitting is also needed to support a larger thickness o-ring . A 1mm thickness is really sorta flimsy for a joint that will be subjected to as much motion as this one.
Katherine Stremcha Katherine Stremcha
1.5 gal sprayer
Very handy set up. I bought because I was tired of the plastic sprayers that just fall apart. This is so sturdy and easy to clean. Once pumped up you are ready to spray until tank is nearly empty. Just love it.
Jas Jas
Better Quality
I was sold me on this model because of the high end materials and construction. The addition of a pressure relief valve and pressure gauge takes all the guess work out it the operation. It’s a pleasure to operate the smooth moving parts. Also, they include two sets of replacement gaskets, so there’s no need to spend time searching.I had a plastic sprayer in the past, and I had problems with it loosing pressure because of all the low quality parts. It finally ran away with the trash can.Jas
Robert Shelby Robert Shelby
I do a lot of spraying and a metal canister with a pressure gauge is just what I wanted. Hoping I get many years of usage from this sprayer
J. Hutson J. Hutson
So far, great!
What an improvement over the cheap (or even expensive) plastic pressurized sprayers! First use delivered. Very easy to use. Nice strap if you need it. Plenty of pressure to reach the top of a 2-story house. Looking forward to taking out some lanternflies and stink bugs (all natural solution!). Now we'll see how high up our maple trees this can reach. Recommended.
Richard Krause Richard Krause
Count of Chockula
Works really well and can spray pretty far…assuming you have the patience to pump it up to full pressure. It takes a while and your arm will get tired. If you only need to spray weeds it’s perfect. Also the relief valve it very touchy and is easy to hit while you’re pressurizing it. Losing all your pressure after it took 15 minutes to pump is frustrating so be careful
David David
SS sprayer
Sprayer works like a charm. Much better than any of the plastic sprayers I have used in the past. Love the prsure gauge feature. One small problem: The spray was received with small dent located is the area where the op of the sprayer is welded (secired) to the main barrel of the sprayer. Bad cosmetic b but the sprayer still functions. Small disappointment due to the dented barrel.
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Amazon Customer Amazon Customer
Great little sprayer
So far this sprayer works great, after the first use I ordered a second one. These are so much better than the ones I have bought at home improvement stores.
Maria U. Maria U.
Exxcellent ! Check inside for wand !
Exactly what i needed the flow and weight is perfect for mixing anything has a long distance!

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