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Jesus Rojas Jesus Rojas
Strong pressure easy to use
Strong pressure easy to use
wilfredo wilfredo
good for item good and comodo de usar,lo uso para regal a los platanos y a los jautia blanca.
Justin cook Justin cook
Master Plumber/Plumbing Contractor
Ordered this little “Bore Pump” (submersible well pump) for our own private well at our residence. Wasn’t to sure of what to expect given the massive difference in price. (Savings of several hundred dollars when compared to store prices)To my surprise the unit actually arrived two days ahead of the scheduled delivery. But to my dismay I opened the box to find the instructions were obviously a terrible translation of English and the supplied 30’ length of cord was rated for 110v but the unit stated that it was rated for 220v. . So I took the chance and installed it. And I couldn’t have been happier that I did. . The unit eliminates the external control box as well as adding a first line of defense check-valve. Super simple and super easy all around and I will now recommend them to my customers as I trudge on through my plumbing adventures.
Kris krause Kris krause
Retired electrician
This pump works so well I am amazed at how much pressure it puts out. This is a great deal for the price.
Fern Fern
.5 HP pump
Works as expected, quality seems fine, very quick shipping, easy to install. The only con I would list is that I installed it in my water agitator tank and the water level needs to be as high as the pump so it can self prime and start working. Other than that everything is good. I would buy again.
Steven Weaver Steven Weaver
For the money it is a great product, and easy to install fire install the wires were at a very good length for my install. We have had it for a short amount of time but we haven't had the first bit of trouble and it doesn't look like there will be any problems. I would and have recommended this well pump to anyone that needs to replace the one they have.
Clifford M. Clifford M.
Had it 6 months work great no problems. I would buy it again. Best price.
Good instruction with waterproof connections
Jerry Jerry
Well owner
After talking with other local well owners, I determined that this pump, with 2 HP, would not be powerful enough to lift water 450 feet and still be able to compress the air in my pressure tank. But a friend suggested that nearby owners who live near a nearby river might be willing to buy the pump from me at a price near what I paid for it, since their wells are generally shallower than mine. (I gave a medium response to "features" above, as I have not had the opportunity to use this pump, which seems very well crafted.)
Ashley Kirk Ashley Kirk
It was very fast and efficiently on time it was a great overall experience would do it again for sure
Jonathan Riggs Jonathan Riggs
Well pump
Got it on time Friday put it in Sunday it's working

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