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Dipak Dipak
VEVOR Flex Shaft Grinder 780W Rotary Tool 500-23000RPM Rotary Carver
It is a good tool. Performs very well
Darren Darren
The flex shaft grinder has been a good tool so far, and at a great price. Looking forward to doing more business with vevor in the near future.
Wesley h. Wesley h.
Works great love it
Motor isn't load , easy to hold when carving , flex shaft doesn't get hot , will add another in the shop soon
David T David T
Smooth, powerful, and quiet.
The versatility with the foot pedal, a 1/4" chuck, and having much more power makes a huge difference between this and a dremel type tool. The pedal's ability to start with rpms at a snail's pace makes up for being a bit too sensitive, and rpm can increase rapidly with little input. May be more convenient to use an adjustable knob set-up for long duration use. The chuck takes a lot more key rotation to change diameter than a normal drill, and can be frustrating as it can hang-up on the sharp corners of the handgrip, but can be remedied by filing a chamfer on corners (see pic). That and the fact that upon initial inspection I used the supplied allen wrench to remove flex cable from motor to find no lubrication on inner cable. I added wheel bearing grease to the cable and reinstalled without any issue as well as taking notes to order a new replacement cable in case of eventual failure. I wish I had a tool like this years ago but could only dream of it as the price of over $300 was prohibitive. I'm extremely pleased with it after the file mod and realize that it may have been a safety concern for not having the chamfer from the factory.
Mark sheehan Mark sheehan
Works great
I got this for the bigger jobs I'm doing with wood carving and this helped a lot
charlotte charlotte
Great sizes
To fast in a good way
KellyK KellyK
Works great, lots of power.
Works great, much more power than a Dremel type tool.
Ramon Ramon
Due a nice job. Easy to used
jeff jeff
very well built
foot peddle needs to be replaced with a fordom foot peddle
josh josh
Item busted after using for a week.
This is a great item to use. It works great.BUT unfortunately. after using it for a week. The flex shaft inside busted off of the head.I’d like to keep the product so can you send me a new flex shaft please.

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