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Jon brunson Jon brunson
Service Manager
This vacuum pump is amazing. Its 75% les cost then a comparable unit. Multistage and very powerful. Pulls down immediately. Can't beat the cost and built very well. Highly recommend
Kenneth Kenneth
Not working properly more than 20 min.
We have recently bought 2 model 2RS-4 vacuum pumps, the same after working 20 minutes or less they overheat and turn off, we understand this as protection, the question is normal that they cannot reach even 30 minutes.What could be happening with these pumps, can they tell us if this is normal or not?Our technician check the pump and reported that the screw (check picture) was almost falling and oil was licking from both pumps. Is that normal?
Mike N Mike N
Value for money
Purchased to use during install of a DIY mini split air conditioning system. The pump was a wonderful purchase. Used to drain 2 sets of lines, worked perfect, was extremely quiet, fast, smooth and very little vibration when compared to other single stage pumps. I was skeptical as not knowing the brands reliability but after using it, I would recommend it. The instructions included were well written and understandable. The pump did come with required oil in the box. Packaging was good.
Travis Travis
Bought this vac pump to wet form leather products, holsters, knife sheaths, and phone holders. Great little pump. Powerful enough for the job
Confirmed Best Buyer Confirmed Best Buyer
Great product needs better instructions
Great suction, worked great for the job, needs better instructions though, but I figured it out..
Amazon Customer Amazon Customer
Se sobrecalienta de maciado
Rovev Rovev
Vacuum pump
I could not get pump below 750 microns, also needs a 3/8" flare fitting. It's low power, so it has to be set pretty high to get a good vacuum but it works great. It gets hot if you aren't careful to take breaks, so make sure to give it a few minutes to cool down between runs. Not a heavy production unit, but great as a cheap bench top unit for hobbies, which is exactly what I bought it for.
Tooln Tooln
Knife Maker
Great little unit. It smoked a little on the first couple of use's. It pulls a great vacuum and holds it. No problem running it for 2+ hour at a crack.
Nick M. Nick M.
Worth the money
Good product all around
Walt Walt
Worked beautifully
Very easy to use. Worked great. Well worth the money.

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