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twq twq
Works great, quality is secure and is relatively easy to assemble. Instructions were not perfectly laid out and the screws & bolts could've been better separated in the bags, but everything was there and the instructions were manageable. My only complaint is by advertising it looked like it was possible the 4 stations could swivel, but only the 4 colors do so. Overall though it's a very well made product for a good cost (especially using honey), I would recommend but just be aware the stations DO NOT swivel.
Erika Erika
New to this but…..
Picked this up as a hobby. Not necessarily looking to invest a lot of money since it just for fun. Perfect for what I needed, easy to assemble extremely satisfied with this product.
Thaddeaus Swart Thaddeaus Swart
Assembly instructions on DVD?
The assembly instructions are on a DVD and very few computers have disk drives anymore
RJirbi RJirbi
It’s ok
It’s a good product, my first press , it’s heavy and sturdy BUuuuuuut it did have screws missing and comes with no instructions!! Just use the Amazon video and watch it over and over .
Chris Chris
Easy assembly good machine
I don't know why this machine gets so many bad reviews about the instructions. If you can put a round peg in a round hole you can figure this out.
Maggie Maggie
It's not fool proof but for budget press it's good
Firstly, I am a person who can not- should not build anything.The paper instructions frankly suck. They do not explain a thing- but if you're good at deciphering images they're good. (i figured it out you can too.) I couldn't use the disc which probably explained things better- like theres an up and downside on the hands that hold your screen.This also could have used a tool to install the springs. HOWEVER I used the Allen key and somehow didn't cause myself any severe injury.I got it built- took more hours than I am willing to publicly admit too- but i did it.I can not figure out the clamps, or at least haven't yet. I'll get that sorted soon I'm sure.It spins, the arms go up and down and I find it to be quite adjustable. So far It's great, I just gotta figure out how to make it hold my screens lol.
Kate Cannon Kate Cannon
Pain in the neck to put together . . . but
Pain in the neck to put together . . . but. I think that the sturdiness of the item is much better than I. expected. It is made very well and even though I knew there would be no instructions, it wasn't too bad to put together just make sure you have a metric socket set to help speed up the process.
david hezog david hezog
Single 1 Color 1 Station T-shirt Silk Screen Printing Machine Adjustable Diy
Non Stop Horizon Non Stop Horizon
Good service
We had issues with product, seller was great about fixing and making it right.
Pepe The Freedom Frog Pepe The Freedom Frog
get one
Just finished setting it up. One of the hooks came un-threaded so 2 springs aren't hooked up.So far it looks like it's gonna work. I'll definitely keep updating.

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