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Danny Danny
Green 2 Piece
Gas cans for the hard times
I bought this 2 cans in the idea that my generator will need some gas supply in case of heavy winter produced by the mother Nature or clueless government. They are excellent quality, metal, love the color and the little adds on such as the flexible spouts and the cap that has the extra rubber to seal properly the cap. Recommended.
Bob Bob
Red 1 Piece
Gas can
Nice gas can just what I was looking for no leaks elevation change from 1500 to 11,000 feet spout is the best I’ve seen
Nortman Nortman
Red 2 Piece
These are very nice cans that DO NOT LEAK!! I have some old WW2 style cans. and these are just as good. I like the fact that you can fill these and throw them in the back of the Jeep and not have to worry about any leakage.
George Scott George Scott
Yellow 1 Piece
This a heavy duty can, metal not plastic, it will last for years and looks good. The spot is metal as well.
David Harrison David Harrison
Green 2 Piece
High quality
Great quality product. I’m glad the extra money was spent to get this. You get what you pay for!
koli koli
Green 2 Piece
Great can
Always liked these Gerry cans over plastic, this one is very well built!
Bradley M. Bradley M.
Black 1 Piece
Word as advertised
Traveled cross country with zero leaks. Beware, however, when opening as I was sprayed with gas due to pressure in the can. Likely my own fault for opening too quickly.
Ricardo Macuil Ricardo Macuil
Green 2 Piece
So convenient
As I expected. Tough
Krow Krow
Green 1 Piece
Jerry Can 5.3 Gal
its a solid can decent construction. only cons are the locking mechanism could be a little more rugged in its material thickness on the collar and the locking prongs on the spout. it drips from gasket not fully having equal locking pressure when it is clamped down. another con is the canister lacks a spout storage clip or area i wish it had some type of like little addon on the side or back that you could store the spout in and be able to lock it to the unit. other than that its a solid canister.
Chris in PA Chris in PA
Black 1 Piece
The real deal as a NATO can.
Don’t fill all the way, or it’ll spill when you’re using it. Excellent quality. They’ll last a lifetime.

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