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Gavin Gavin
Powerful, Reliable
Powerful motor, actually not using it for a CNC but a vehicle. The initial setup is a bit confusing but after that everything was ok
Xiao Bi Xiao Bi
Good motor and driver
Impressed by the motor's performance in the initial testing. Easy to hook up, fast response and smooth movement at both high and low speed. Powerful but does not take much power. The motor shares a 350W DC power supply with two other 200W Nema 23 stepper motors. The three motors all move at the same time. Not sure about the motor's long term performance.
B. Allen B. Allen
Great for CNC
I used these to retrofit a CNC and am happy with their performance. They are noisier / whinier than I'd prefer. The whine from the driver steps is pretty noticeable and turns the gantry into a big speaker. These are so huge that mounting them with a damper doesn't seem feasible. But that isn't a huge issue (once the spindle is on that's all you hear anyway).
Daryl L. Price Daryl L. Price
Upper Quality
Very excellent quality, well built and works Great. I use it as my Z axis on my CNC machine I built.
MileHiDude MileHiDude
One Awesome Stepper
A beast of a motor. I installed mine to serve the vertical (Z-axis) of my RF-45 mill/drill. Presently, it is driven by a rotary encoder for fine adjustments and an arduino driven pulse for rapid moves.I am SO glad that I got this motor and subsequently built this control!Winding that crank got real old.When the time comes I will replace the 4PDT toggle switch with a 4-pole rotary switch to allow the addition of a CNC input.I rightly should amend this review.I’m currently in communication with the seller Mophorn, over the failure of the driver. While it plainly states that it is equipped with over voltage protection, mine has succumbed to this. According to my power company 120VAC phase to ground with 5% variance (making it 240VAC for both legs) is normal for our country (at least for Exell’s service area).Their manual says 240 is the maximum plus over voltage and of course all appliances made to run on 240VAC easily handle the 5% fluctuation. This driver won’t handle power from the US grid and should be plainly stated as such on the website.
Guy Idaho Guy Idaho
Excellent Set for larger CNC machines.
I purchased this set to replace the Z axis on my Centroid CNC Bridgeport Milling machine. First of all, the driver works on single phase 220v perfectly. It doesn't need a separate power supply. Secondly, the motor has plenty of torque, I estimate that the 12Nm rating is likely understated, I can get a scary fast 300 ipm from the Z travel (maybe more, I'm not going to push it). Third, since this is a three-phase stepper, it's much quieter than the 4 and 6 wire steppers. It's not silent like an AC Servo, but it is very quiet compared to a traditional stepper.Here's some tips to get it working fast:1) Make sure you understand how to wire for common anode or common cathode for this differential input drive. On my Centroid Acorn I connected the driver's PUL+ ENA+ DIR+ all to a common +24v. Then PUL- DIR- ENA- to each of the outputs on the Acorn. This makes the VCC+ common, and the outputs negative on the Acorn. (make sure your Advanced Settings on the Acorn setup wizard reflects this).2) Yeah it says 1.2 degrees per step on the motor, but the controller doesn't have a 300ppr setting. Forget the 1.2 degree thing, the encoder will determine the step. In this case, that's PA 17 and it needs to be set to 1000 ppr (setting 8).3) UVW - on my motor, U is red, V is black and W is white <<-- the motor will whine and wizzle if you don't have these correct.4) ALARM and PEND are optical outputs from the drive, they can (optionally) be tied to voltage and an input, Alarm is well documented, watch some Marty's garage youtube. PEND has to do with the motor finishing its steps. Since it has an encoder, it will get say, 30000 steps, and it will execute all 30000 of them, but PEND will be active until it completes them. It stands for POSition is PENDing ARRiVal. Sometimes this is called POS and sometimes it's called Arrival, it is optional and eats an input, you probably don't need it, unless you do, then it has it, have fun.5) Make sure your control software knows this is 1000 ppr.
Lucky Luc Lucky Luc
Got the power...
Wow fantastic product, it got the power, excellent control, allot for the buck.Why not 5 star, Well where's the software, the instruction manual, what? no app ;-)And there's very little out-there that I could use. I have-it wire, working and with other software working like a stepper... Well It would be great to have the missing software to use the communication port and really use all it fonction (Servo / Encoder).As a stepper, the performance and capacity, it's all there.I think the manufacturer and the seller should at leases provide sufficient information to use there fantastic product.
VEVOR Customer VEVOR Customer
Great Product.
Used this motor and controller on my mill for forth axis with a single axis controller I paid less than Fifty bucks for. You will be pleased with the accuracy. I don't have to crank that handle any more to cut gears.
Michael Marajh Michael Marajh
Nivia Nivia
Really good stepper motor with a great precision.

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