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Jill Geraghty Jill Geraghty
Does what its supposed to.
Barbell bounces a good amount back upwhen weights are dropped. It does do a decent job of reducing noise though which was the main reason they where purchased.
G. Tucker G. Tucker
No rattling floors
Works as advertised. I live in a condo community with pier and beam foundations so all our floors are connected. If I drop 65/75/85 pound dumbbells on the floor my neighbors would hear it and justifiably complain. These mats absorb the impact of the dropping weights silently. Mission accomplished, no angry neighbors.
It's worth it.
These are awesome.I use them for droping dumbells when doing chest work. So quite and keeping my floors undamaged.
Maureen Maureen
Great for step ups too!
Firmness is great
Zarreff Zarreff
Nice purchase. Your neighbors will thank you for it.
Deceptively light weight and durable 10” crash pads with Velcro tab to lock two of them securely and use as 20” box jump.Should practice controlling drop with lighter weights as new pads will bounce bumper plates if you not ready for it.M.D.
Good product
Great! Perfect for a home gym.
marthagarza8 marthagarza8
Very good to use a crash mat but also versatile as I use it to do box jumps with 20’ and also to warm up using it at 10’. You get 2 pieces of equipment in 1. Crash Mat and box jumps
Jane Markoski Jane Markoski
very stiff
Personally I did not love these. I thought rather cheap for 150.00 but, my granddaughter, that does ninja, likes them. That is all that counts. I felt like landing on these would be the same as landing on the floor . I opened one and it was not what I thought "foam" should be. It was the white plastic packing foam you get inside packages to protect the item during shipping.
B. Swanson B. Swanson
Effective and necessary for garage gyms
My husband bought these for our garage gym as a way to protect our epoxy floors. He uses them to bail out heavy weights.
Kristie Koo Kristie Koo
seems good
haven't actually dropped weights on them yet, but they're light and easily portable and that's the biggest thing I needed at the moment. will do an update once I've tried dropping weights on them.

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