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David David
Great tool! Chimney sweeps, when you can find one, want $200/visit. I've done my own and a neighbor's chimney and we're both extremely happy with the results and especially the cost. One minor complaint: the drill adapter has to be chucked into a drill; although a hex fitting, it's too small to use in 1/4" quick-connect drill. Not a big problem though
Amber Amber
Very easy to uses. Cleaned our chimney well.
VEVOR Customer VEVOR Customer
High quality and durability
Excellent high quality product. I've cleaned our 20+ foot chimney from inside twice. Professionals said it can't be done from the inside due to the bends, but this product handles it smoothly without any problems or undue stress on the rods. Nicely packaged, well designed, and impressive quality. Should last many years. I used an 18v Craftsman battery operated variable speed drill with the hi/low switch set at low speed, which was more than adequate. The chimney has never been cleaner.
VEVOR Customer VEVOR Customer
Pellet stove pipes are extremely clean with this tool
Worked great . Fair price and fast shipping
J. Beaudoin J. Beaudoin
Works well!
It works well. The only negative aspect is that you can't spin it very fast because the rod spins around and hits the inside of your chimney flue pretty hard.
Kurt Belyeu Kurt Belyeu
Great for cleaning the chimney
I was able to clean a massive amount of soot out of my chimney. The chimneysweep wanted 500 bucks.
James James
Nice Tool. Fairly Easy to Use
Just finished my first chimney cleaning with this tool. It did a great job and was easy to use. I used a 5.2v A/C drill that’s rated at just over 500w (minimum 500w rating per instructions) but I’d say my battery powered drill would’ve worked. My chimney is metal. Given how much it costs to have a professional do the job, I will definitely be cleaning it myself again.
Jimstuff4U Jimstuff4U
This works as described!
I was sceptical going into the order but because I'm a little apprehensive going up on the roof, I decided to pull the trigger..Product arrived as described, was easy to assemble and use, chuck in the drill worked easy and convenient for the bottom up method.. Nice packaging for storage, did a good job cleaning my chimney and overall, was A LOT cheaper than hiring someone to come and sweep it.
Penny W. Penny W.
Paid for itself on 1st use
Absolutely love this tool. Worked like a charm. I was able to get into areas that prior required a disassembly of the wood boiler metal chimney pipes. I was also able to use inside the boiler to clean the smaller hot water heat transfer pipes. Clean up was a breeze. Saved me hours of work. Now that I am able to clean the pipes without tearing apart, I can keep them free of creosote buildup all winter!!! Keeps the chimney draft stronger (less smoke when open the door) and is much SAFER!! Great product. Thank you.
Ken Ken
Works well
used this on the fireplace in the new house we moved into a while ago. built in 1991 I don't know if it was ever cleaned. Worked very well for me. I attached the first 2 rods than added 3 more one at a time, so I didn't have to deal with the thing laying on the floor across the whole room. Yes, there will be dust to clean up after use.

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