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Colin McConnell Colin McConnell
Worth its weight in gold
Used to using a bearing separator and a press, but new shop no press. This is super slick and took care of dana 60 (super duty front and a rear for a jeep) sterling 10.25 and 10.5, ford 7.5 & 8.8, gm 10 and 12 bolt. Make sure you get the 3 ring setup, the 2 ring for $10 less is stupid and could leave you high and dry on bigger bearings. Works prefect, even with shims between carrier and bearing, some people just don't know what their doing. There's actually 4 different sizes by installing the middle sized ring "upside down". for $100 it saves ALOT of aggravation for the professional and also the weekend guy.
Aaron Samuelson Aaron Samuelson
Excellent for removing pinion and carrier bearings!
This is a well designed kit, I only had to cut the top nut down by 1/2” to fit in my snap on box while standing upright. Also, it says Dana 80, but the pinion is just slightly bigger than the OD of the tool, so while it’s great to pull the carrier bearings off a D80, it doesn’t have enough internal diameter to fit the slightly larger Dana 80 pinion diameter. You’ll still have to cut off/air chisel the pinion bearing on the big stuff, but everything else is mint!
VEVOR Customer VEVOR Customer
Great bearing puller
Best bearing puller I've used. Been building diffs for 30+ years and all pullers I've used have been nothing to compare to this. Best tool for the money.
Michael G. Michael G.
Easy to use...
needed this tool for bearing removal and without it, I would have ruined my new bearings. They needed to go on and off to set pinion preload. If you don't know what that is, you probably shouldn't even be looking at this. The cheaper solution, after the fact, was to buy a new bearing and grind the inner sleeve to allow for the bearing to slip on and off the pinion without having to use this puller everytime. In the end, I'm glad I bought it tho....
robert polcaro robert polcaro
Very good
Dieselsmoke1 Dieselsmoke1
These are close to a grand from any other source. If I run into a tough one, I use the hydraulic puller on tat one. I have on verified, but suspect that the main jaw wedges are the same as the major brands. So wear parts should not be a problem. Even if they aren't, you can buy 5 of these for one of the majors. I might just buy another one for a spare.
John v Henry John v Henry
What I needed reasonable priced
Great product great price
Matt larimore Matt larimore
Seems sturdy and will pull bearings with exceptions to on how the carrier is shimmed.
I used to pull bearings on Dana 44 rear end carrier for a 98 jeep Wrangler. It did not fit well and ruined the shims because the shims sit underneath the bearings instead of on the outside. After hammering the clamshells together is when it messed up the shims but it did pull the bearing off without damaging the bearing. So it seems to work great unless you have a shim setup like this jeep so be aware on older Dana 44s you will have to replace the shims after using this tool. I think it was still worth the price and will be able to use it on other cars.
VEVOR Customer VEVOR Customer
Works well
Threads were very slightly damaged otherwise works great. Used black clam shell for my 08 front Superduty pinion and carrier bearings
pedro cervantes pedro cervantes
It works perfect !!!!
For the price, it was a steal. It does what its supposed to do!! Happy with the product

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