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Popple People Popple People
Vevor chainsaw sharpener for bandsaw blades
We use this chainsaw sharpener to sharpen our bandsaw blades, & it works well. Click on video link to see unboxing, assembly, & the sharpening process for a bandsaw blade.
Zhang Tianqi1 Zhang Tianqi1
The good grinder
This grinder is easy to operate. Wide range of applications. The quality is really, really good. We are all happy with it.
Pefoulon philippe 2 Pefoulon philippe 2
Very efficient logistics, very satisfied!!!
I bought the product and it arrived in about three days. The package arrived in perfect condition and our whole family is very satisfied.
Tamosevicius  1 Marius Tamosevicius 1 Marius
The product is very durable
We've been using this for a long time. It's still like new. As always the quality is very good.
Larry Larry
I have owned this for to years now. Works well for me. No problems so far. I am not a professional logger but I have been in the woods a lomg time.
Dave B. Dave B.
Chief cook and bottle washer.
I shop at Vevor for all kinds of things. The quality and customer service is excellent . This little chain saw sharpener is incredible. I can sharpen a 105 drive link 25" chain in 10 minutes or less. It also makes it possible to modify grinding angle so I can customize the chain for ripping etc. I have 5 chainsaws with chains ranging from 12"" to 48". This sharpener sharpens them all quickly and accurately. The only thing I would change about Vevor if I could would be adding UPS as a shipping option. FedEx is very unreliable in my area.
Michael Bell Michael Bell
A wise investment for those that saw often.
Significant consideration was placed on this purchase, I reviewed every major brand. Went to the stores to physically review the different set ups and in all honesty this design and quality combination rivals the major name brands offering. I could not sharpen on those offerings however I found that the vevor was simple to set-up and made clean accurate new cutting edges easily . The intention is to move from the supplied abrasive to a Diamond wheel eventually however I cannot complain about how the wheels dressed the chains. Take the plunge with confidence that this Vevor Chainsaw Sharpener can stand up to the other commercial offerings.
Phoenix2011 Phoenix2011
Nice tool, not so nice attention to packaging
I have to divide this review into two parts. The tool itself is a great value for the money. It's well designed, easy to set up and use and the quality of the tool itself seems like it should cost more than it does. I've attached 3 pictures to demonstrate my point.First, the manual. If you open the back cover, page 9 is a parts list. Page 8 is what they title an "assembly drawing", what is usually referred to as an exploded diagram. If you look at the picture, what you get is a bunch or circled reference numbers that point to nothing. Only a problem if you need to order replacement parts.Second, an issue mentioned by at least one other reviewer. The sharpener comes very well and securely packaged. Neither the cardboard nor the Styrofoam were in any way damaged. However, the first thing I saw when removing it from the box was the damaged scale on the top rear of the base mount. It's a thin metal strip with rivets holding it to the frame, and was bent and torn between the 55° and 60° mark. I was going to return the tool at that point until I found that it's basically redundant and not necessary, as there is another scale on the inside vertical face of the base mount that does the same thing. The inside scale is dead on accurate; the damaged scale (riveted, it didn't move) was 5° off.That was the bad part. The good part is that once you get is set up, an easy and straightforward process, the tool works great. The motor is described as "commercial", and I believe it. It's quiet and smooth with almost no internal vibration. The switches are covered in clear vinyl, which will help keep the grinding dust out of them. I have both Husqvarna and Stihl saws, which use different chains. If you understand going in the pitch, gauge and different angles that your chain requires, it's all pretty straightforward (there is a chart in the manual). Use a Sharpy to mark your first tooth, and sharpening an 18" chain takes two or three minutes. It takes that long only because you have to
Michael D Umsted Michael D Umsted
Hobby's Tool's for outdoor chainsaw.
It was so frusturated when following manual instruction. Because it did not tell you how to lock the shaft to take off bolt for grinder disc & how to find the hole to put a pin to lock it. Otherwise I love this grinder so very easy to use and I'm surprised it has a built in LIGHT to see in the dark. Just remember the manual book was screwed up begin with.
Stephen L. Stephen L.
Absolutely happy with my purchase
Very happy with my purchase..

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