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Vevor Customer Vevor Customer
30 L
Made a pressure pot
I turned this into a pressure pot for resin and it works wonders! No more bubbles.
Titus Wolski Titus Wolski
Excellent for converting to a resin casting pressure pot
This is an excellent buy. Great quality and can easily be converted to cast acrylic/epoxy resins for pen blanks. Best value around and well made.KW
An An
Great for painting. Not so much resin.
This is a solid painting pressure pot. Build quality is excellent. But if you are using it for resin casting, don't go with this one. The fittings are extremely secure and it takes a lot of work to get the necessary pieces off. Testament to its build quality.
Terry Leasure Terry Leasure
Check for air leaks
tank works as described
joseph joseph
bought for clear casting
take the tube off, change the valve setup on top. make it a pressure chamber for clear casting resin. perfect for what i needed, one extra thing you would need to do is cut out a flat piece to the inside diameter for the bottom since it has a small dip. another thing you can do to make a perfect bottom is get the white resin that sets up fast, pour it in the bottom about 1 inch thick. let it set up and leave it there. if pot is level you will have the perfect bottom. it holds pressure with no drop off in a 24 hour period.
ColoradoanNotaNative ColoradoanNotaNative
It works well, after we stopped the leaks!
I am using it for resin casting. My husband and I had to use loctite to keep the pressure. It took us three times to figure it out. But, now, it's perfect! Keep at it, if it's leaking, you can do it! PS. How to check for leaks: use a spray bottle with dish soap and water to spray everywhere there's a connection. Pressure it up and wherever there are bubbles, that's your spot to secure.
Rich Gustin Rich Gustin
Just right for me
This is just the right size for my needs of small resin projects. Bottom is round, so had to put a board to make the bottom flat. Just used a scrap piece of plywood. Also cut a silicone mat to fit. I rearranged the fittings on top since I am just using it for a resin pressure pot and not for painting. Works great. Holds pressure for days. Added a second level that doubled the space.
Dubiousgnome Dubiousgnome
Upgraded from a Harbor Freight pressure pot and this thing is a solid built beast. I would say its as perfect for epoxy casting as anything out there costing less than Binks.
Gary F. Gary F.
10 L
Very solid, high quality product
I turned this in to a pressure pot for resin projects. Works fantastically!
Holds Vacuum/Doesn't Corrode
Note: I am only reviewing the can, I am not using the regulator, fittings, hoses or sprayer.The can is a solid, heavy, well built monster. It is ferrous, will attract a magnet. I've owned this over a year and it hasn't corroded. It's been outside in the rain, frozen, thawed, etc and no corrosion anywhere. It looks like it did the day I bought it. I have to assume some sort of stainless variant with high steel content? Unsure. It is not aluminum tho.I use this as a vacuum and pressure chamber. It is also used to extract oils. It holds vacuum for days, literally. I've left it under hard vacuum for over a week with no slow leaks. It holds pressure well, I've taken it up to it's max operating pressure during testing. No leaks.I have zero complaints, zero issues with this tool. I only wish every purchase worked out this well. I will update this later with anything that comes up. Since it's been over a year with constant use on it, I doubt anything game changing will come up.

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