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Brandon Carter Brandon Carter
40 L
Business owner
Pot works well , wish it came with spray gun but you can always buy a small pot with sprayer from VEVOR to complete small jobs and use it with this ! Great product for the money
CrisAnderson27 CrisAnderson27
Works perfectly for my needs, better than advertised.
I purchased this on another bid/auction site for a bit less (wish I'd have just bought it here, it would actually have arrived on time, and without the ridiculous hassle of dealing with a crooked fleabay seller). The pot was nice, large capacity is great. I'm using it for something other than it was designed for, so I can't comment on the paint gun portion at all. I can say that the regulator/gauge setup is kinda hokey and cheap feeling...but that's easily replaced.That said, I am actually leaving the review to point out that it's an 80psi pot...NOT 3 bar (45psi). I almost didn't buy it at all due to the low PSI rating (I need at LEAST 60psi)...but since I occasionally like to live dangerously, I thought I'd give it a go.It was the right choice!Pictures:1 - Overhead of the tank.2 - Contrast showing the PSI rating clearly labeled.3 - Wish they'd actually tightened it down some before shipping.4 - That regulator though! Should last a minute or two lol.5 - Size comparison to a Harbor Freight pot. Excuse the messy room, it's currently being renovated for casting etc.All in all, I'd buy it again in a heartbeat. But I'd definitely buy it here instead lol.
dan dias dan dias
Works for bubble-less resin mold curing.
I'm using for resin molds and air bubble removal. It leaks a bit so I leave it plugged into the air supply if curing more than a few hours. It's just a matter of taking the time to trouble shoot the leak is all. If it didn't leak slightly I'd given it 5 stars.
James E. Moore James E. Moore
It comes complete
Has a solid feel. Works as directed.
works great...
I bought this unit with the intentions of modifying it to use for spraying fluid film on my trucks...I read a bunch of other reviews and so far have found no issues with this unit..the pressure relief valve works properly and blows off a bit over 60 pounds.I keep the pot pressurized to 60 pounds and the spray wand,( Im not using the paint gun or hoses that came with the unit ) around 100 to 120 pounds of pressure,,,so the fluid film or whatever you want to use for undercoating gets pushed up to the spray wand even though it is thick like pudding, the warmer fluid film gets the thinner, so I put the paint bucket in the sun...what I use for a spray wand and it works great is the harbor freight air engine cleaner, I think you can buy one that looks the same from amazon..your choice, im sure either would just have to modify the connections at the wand, and most important I put an inline shutoff maybe 10 inches from the wand on the pot side, so the undercoat doesnt keep pouring out, unlike the paint gun that shuts both paint and air, the engine cleaner does not...but easy to do and the angles and tight spots you can get into with the wand it is well worth it...and the paint bucket looks well built and should last a long time...air gauge was reading the correct pressure...
Alisha Crescenti Alisha Crescenti
Great paint Sprayer
I sprayed the entire outside of my house 1,200 sq ft home with this sprayer and using a craftsman 5 gal air compressor I adjusted the psi to 40 lbs and had no issues. The sprayer nozzle adjustments worked great, giving wide spray stream or narrow spray stream when needed for different areas on the house. I would recommend this product to others.
Ariel Martinez Ariel Martinez
Item was of distinctive quality! Ever so enticing packaging. Delivery was noble.
Jesus V. Jesus V.
worth it
is a good sprayer
Aurélien F Aurélien F
Bon rapport qualité prix
Parfait après quelques petites modifications pour le convertir en pot à pression. Prévoir tout de même un peu de Téflon pour assurer une étanchéité parfaite
Julian de la Iglesia Herraiz Julian de la Iglesia Herraiz
tienes que tener mucho cuidado
tienes que tener mucho cuidado en regular la pistola para que no te manche mucho y la presion tiene que estar sobre 5 Bar constantemente para que te pinte bien.

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