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Charlotte C Prater Charlotte C Prater
Great product and super affordable
I was surprised by the low price. It looks great, works great and I saved over $200 buying Vevor brand over other brands.
Charlotte C Prater Charlotte C Prater
Great product and excellent price but it didn't last long because we accidentally dropped the range hood on it and shattered the glass. Now that the hood is installed I'm ordering another one.
woodworker woodworker
budget stove top
Appearance is good but the ceramic glass is thin & likely to crack when fitting. I had to widen the opening length wise but add extra 1" lip widthwise. Foam tape provided is just adequate so be careful you don't lose any. The stupidest feature is the power supply, which genius decide it should exit from the front of the stove when all outlets are situated at the back of the cabinets, make sure you have the space to rout it to the back without hitting underneath which is a very hot surface!!!!
diamonddoug diamonddoug
did not fit my existing opening, definetly worth keeping going to use it in a remodel. seems well built. very nice fit and finish.
Rickrock Rickrock
Vevor stovetop
Not the best, but not the worst either, if you have some knowledge of cooking and some knowledge installing this type of stove, then it should be no problem, only downside that I have is it takes a little longer, and when a little longer, I really didn't notice when it became hot. Overall; well worth it, aside from companies such as samie song, or life is great, even frozen air, vevor is right up there with them!
satisfied user satisfied user
Overall good, installation takes some work
The cooktop is fairly well made, the burners work well, and the controls are fairly intuitive, although I'm still learning how to use the lock feature. At times, the buttons are non responsive - you need to have non-greasy fingers and press them just right. The central burner has two sizes, and when the large size is activated, it is deactivated when you press the selector to change the temperature, so you have to press again to re-activate. A major issue with installing into a cut-out is that the lip is narrow, about 1/4 of an inch, so you need to make a rather precise cut. As DIY, I just made an opening a bit too small, and gradually shaved the sides until I could push the range in. The colors of the wires are different from the ones used in US, so you may want to consult someone knowledgeable when connecting to an outlet. The cooktop seems to be a little easier to clean than the model I had before, so ceramic is probably better quality.
Derek Derek
This stovetop is such a blessing, easy to use, easy to clean. Modern, heats up fast and it has five burner in which one can be small or large.
Ms. Annie Moss Ms. Annie Moss
Works for me
My preference was a gas stovetop but contractor said more expensive to install a gas hookup; forced to use the electric one. It was easy enough to install. Just make sure you have the 240-volts that the specs call for.
Francisco J Francisco J
Galindez Agosto
Muy buenas terminaciones y viene con su rabiza eléctrica de un buen largo cómoda y liviana buenos controles de temperatura con aviso de temperatura en tope en fin tremendo
Won Won
I would like to recommend it to others because of its reasonable price, quality, and easy to use like other reviews.

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