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oscar b. oscar b.
4 Layer 36
The design and de way water flow, but not having a manual we cann't verify if the watter flow showed on the web can be reproduced. Therefore I will not keep it.
VEVOR Customer VEVOR Customer
1 Layer 36
Great stater kit works well worth the money
Hey for the price works well going on a month it's works great five starts
Lorraine Roberts Lorraine Roberts
3 Layer 90
72 yr old lady put this together without a problem! AWESOME~
This so cool!!! I am 72 yrs. old and with a handicap and I put it together all by myself!!!! It took me 2 hrs. but I missed a part when putting together for the drain spout. I only gave it a 4 for assembly because there are NO written directions for this. You just look at a pic. I did not realize that I put one of the shelves in the wrong spot for the drainage. I fixed it and it was fine. I tested it to see if it was going to leak and it DID NOT!!!! It takes more water then I realized it would. I highly recommend purchasing this growing system. Go big or go home I say. Can't wait to start planting in it. sorry for the bad video can't do everything right lol Go buy yourself one! You won't regret it.
Hector Hector
1 Layer 36
Hidropónic sistem
I had doubts about this product at first but I really liked it and I'm thinking of buying a bigger one
kelly kelly
3 Layer 108
No easy to read instructions
It took me a few times to figure out how to get this together. But after a successful number of tries I am really excited to try this. I just wish it came with the growing Moss to transplant your plants in. I did get it up and running. A few leaks, but nothing with a couple of caps was a tapping block didn’t fix. So I will probably add another input on this as things start to grow.
Anna Sandoval Anna Sandoval
4 Layer 72
Easy to assemble
Great sturdy product
moonben moonben
4 Layer 72
Hose from pump to pvc nipple do not match up! you have to go out and buy more hose and an adapter (which is hard to find) taking up a couple hour of my time and another $16.79 out of pocket. This should come with correct parts, poor quality control on your part. One of the horizontal tubes was cracked, requiring sealant to fix. I guess I'm being very generous giving you mostly 4 stars.
John H. John H.
1 Layer 36
Great for Herbs
This unit sits to low to the ground. I had to build leg extensions. The holes are very close together but will be OK for herbs. Looking forward to using it successfully starting in March.
Daniel Hutcheson Daniel Hutcheson
1 Layer 36
Master of ceremonies
Love it, easy to assemble. I just started some Butter Crunch lettuce and it seems to be doing well.
Jacob G. Jacob G.
4 Layer 36
Easy to assemble simply supply a water container.
When I ordered I couldn’t find any information about this kit. I put it together today and so far it is working great. I was unsure about the included water pump but it easily pumps the water to the top of the system. It was easy to assemble and the instructions were simple yet easy to follow. I didn’t use any glue. Simply pressing the parts together made a water tight seal. The pipes have the stoppers preinstalled so the water correctly flows from one pipe to the next. So far this kit looks like a great deal for $58.

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