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Vern Vern
Your feelings DO NOT MATTER
Got this reel on clearance. I was skeptical at first, then I installed it on a pole next to the hose bib at the garden. I like the swivle mount does a good job, so far. Give it a couple of years. The hose itself is so-so. It is very weak and when it gets hot is very soft. The quick connect on the end is both a bessing and a curse! One had, as long as you can find quick couplers the same size great. Other hand if you can not, changing it out could be a hassle. The retractor does well, the spring is somewhat weak when the hose is pulled all the way out, so just do not pull it all the way out!. The nozzle broke after a month of use. The spray handle broke where it mounts on the body. Lucky for me I has many metal ones laying about. So far I like it. It is conveniant and serviceable to have next to a green house or on a home silcock.
Stephen Allen Stephen Allen
This was a great purchase! I saw favorable reviews prior to purchase and I am greatly pleased. It is east to mount and works great!
Michael A. Gokay Michael A. Gokay
Bait and switch
Bait and switch on the prices you owe me money. See my complaints. The prices on your website are 79.99 and 88.99 so you owe me a refund immediately. I ordered this on the premise that I was being charged 88.99 then I find a price of 79.99 on your website.
Customer Service Reply: Dear customer,

We are sorry to hear that you had an unpleasant shopping experience.

Your purchase price is 79.99 USD. If you think you have been overcharged, please contact our after-sales staff.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

Best regards,
Ed Ed
I waited too long to buy this - very handy to use hose and then reel back in. Unit swivels to front or back yard and the reel is powerful.
Matthew voss Matthew voss
These were a great addition to our outside areas. Not having to deal with putting the hoses away is amazing
Ken Ken
Very happy with the hose reel. I thought it might be a scam but it is real (pun intended). Works week. Easy wind up. Look nice hanging on the wall. Good price.
Paintslinger Paintslinger
Time saver
Makes for easy use of a hose, pull out, use & it puts itself away. No wasted time, saves space & it speeds things up.
Charles beryim Charles beryim
Am happy with the product
Does the job as promised
bam bam
i bought this hose reel for my wife to water her plants much easier than rolling up a hose pretty easy to use and rewind
William Hunt SR William Hunt SR
The quality of this hose reel is awesome along with the ease of use. No more hose laying or rolled up in a mess. This reel swings 180 degrees to add in your direction of use. I’m so impressed that I ordered another one.

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