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Levi Lunsford Levi Lunsford
Might want to sit down
Holy cow these are fabulous. We processed 25 briskets. Cut sliced seasoned wrapped and after they were cooked set on them and very awesome. Then the clean up. Dawn soap and a cap full of bleach. Wipe them down and hose them off. Look like new again.
Grandma Grandma
The only bad thing is where to store the bottom shelf when tables folded otherwise love it love it. Sturdy easy to use.
piglets piglets
Nice to be able to fold it and bring along camping.
I Bought wheels for this table. Leave it upright during the warm months. Wheel it out and use for a prep table, while cooking.This is true Stainless steel. Magnets do not stick. It's very sturdy, yet not heavy. Smooth edges.It's very easy to keep clean. And it feels clean for food. It will be nice to fold up to bring along for BBQ outings. It's a good size, yet not too big.I found the shelf under to be very useful. (That is not polished.) Really nice to have extra items off the ground.I'm glad I bought it for the reasons above. I also bought another S.S. counter/table that has a "back splash", which is very nice. So things do get pushed off the back. I do wish this had a lip, as well. (But wouldn't work as well, while folding it and laying flat.) So to take care of that concern, I use a silicone mat and I rimmed tray, to hold glass jar items.I would recommend this table! Very nicely made. I found I really needed the extra counter space. I'm happy with it.
Easy to keep clean and comes pre-assembled
As a hobbyist beekeeper, I purchased 2 of these for use in processing my honey. They’re super easy to wipe down and disinfect after using, plus they came reassembled. The lower shelf is helpful as well as the main table on top. They can be a little wobbly though. Overall I’m happy with this purchase.
Incredible for camping
The height is so perfect no more bending over to cook. Never have enough prep area for everything no we do. Folds up in seconds store inside camper. We found this much much cheaper and coupon on manufacturers web site.Will take 7 days to ship and get plan ahead save allot.
EASY to put together and to move in or outdoors!
Would purchase again! Wish they made one that collapses with a 90 degree lip around 3 sides. I’d have paid more for that. Great sturdy, yet lightweight, table! Using it for stained glass projects! Perfect size for transoms!
study handy table
amazing. super easy to set up. Working perfectly for what we purchased it for. No companies. Arrived safe and I could carry and set up myself! highly recommend. and a great price
Michael Dobrzyn Michael Dobrzyn
Nice item with plusses and minuses
I love the folding of the table for storage. I love the extra shelf beneath. The negatives are storage of the shelf and installing the shelf when assembling. Perhaps it is me but a better method for storing the shelf when folded would have been appreciated.
anna Forsman-Johnson anna Forsman-Johnson
Works great in small areas
Great durable table

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