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Rear Trunk Trims

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Revolutionizing Automotive Design With VEVOR's Q50 Carbon Fiber Trunk

The automotive industry is constantly evolving. Putting the world’s needs, wants and preferences into consideration, many changes are happening without the industry looking to stop anytime soon. Therefore, it was unsurprising but a welcome change when they introduced carbon fiber to automotives and the engineering world generally.

Carbon fiber trunks are an exciting and welcomed trend in automotive. The reason is not far-fetched; carbon fibers are stronger than steel despite being considerably lighter. With the continual efforts to generate a sustainable solution for carbon fiber, Q50 carbon fiber trunks are here to stay.

Therefore, VEVOR, a leading provider of high-quality automotive parts, cannot sit back and watch. VEVOR has recently released a new Q50 carbon fiber trunk that will revolutionize automotive design.

What is a Q50 Carbon Fiber Trunk?

The Q50 carbon fiber trunk is an aftermarket upgrade, a trunk lid or hatch designed explicitly for the Infiniti Q50 model. This trunk is made from carbon fiber, a famous engineering and designing material favored for its weight and durability. With the Infiniti Q50 being a luxury sedan, the construction of a particular trunk for it from an excellent material is not shocking.

Manufacturers make the Infiniti Q50 carbon fiber trunks to precise specifications. Incorporating aerodynamic designs and stylistic enhancements, these trunks are aesthetically pleasing and functional. It is important to note that as an aftermarket upgrade, these trunks are usually made by a third-party manufacturer. This trunk allows owners to customize and personalize their vehicles without affecting functionality or other features.

Benefits Of A Q50 Carbon Fiber Trunk

The installation of the Q50 carbon fiber trunk offers many benefits. These include performance, aesthetics, durability, and other additional benefits. It is an excellent investment for any Infiniti Q50 owner for many reasons, including:


Carbon fiber trunks have many performance benefits, making their purchase a good idea. With its lighter weight, it reduces fuel efficiency by reducing the vehicle's overall weight. Also, the lighter weight can help reduce drag, thereby enhancing aerodynamic performance.

Furthermore, the strong and rigid nature of the Q50 carbon fiber trunks improves handling by reducing body flex and increasing responsiveness.


Carbon fibers can make your vehicle more aesthetically appealing. It has a visible fiber weave look that makes it unique while giving a sporty and high-performance look. Also, it has a variety of finishes, including matte, gloss and texture, that can make your vehicle stylish and look better.


Unlike aluminum, carbon fibers are resistant to dust and corrosion, making them long-lasting even when exposed to the elements. Also, they don’t fade easily and can withstand the impact of hazards like rocks and debris. This means that your trunk can remain the same for years to come.

Other Benefits

Other benefits you can get from a Q50 carbon fiber trunk are the ease of installation and better resale value for the vehicle. The carbon fiber trunk is a desirable upgrade that many buyers are willing to pay extra for, making it easy to bump up your selling price if you are putting your vehicle back on the market.

Also, these trunks are easy to install, meaning you can get all the aforementioned benefits without spending more than the purchase money for the trunk.

What To Look For When Buying Q50 Carbon Fiber Trunk

It is essential to carefully select a Q50 carbon fiber lid. These hatches are not just for beautification but also serve functional purposes, meaning choosing the wrong one can bring harm to your vehicle. Essentially, you want value for the money you spend purchasing the trunk, so you should make an educated decision.


The first thing to check before buying a carbon fiber trunk is the material quality. Ensure that the trunk is made from high-quality carbon fiber. An inferior carbon fiber quality can compromise the trunk’s durability, strength and performance.

Also, you should consider a trunk with UV protection, which can help protect it from sun rays, making it last longer.

Look And Finish

Consider getting a trunk that matches your style and complements the overall look of your vehicle. With the Q50 carbon fiber trunk available in different designs, styles and finishes, there are many options to choose from. However, careful consideration can help you get a carbon fiber trunk that perfectly enhances your vehicle’s aesthetics.


Although Q50 carbon fiber trucks are made for only one type of vehicle, these vehicles have different models. Therefore, there are also different Q50 carbon fiber trunk fits. Please choose a size that perfectly fits your vehicle to enhance the look and help it work efficiently. Also, consider the weight; choose one that is not so heavy to prevent it from negatively affecting your vehicle.


Q50 carbon fiber trunks are easy to install. However, the installation process differs from one manufacturer to another. Choose a trunk you can easily install to prevent you from spending much money on the installation.

Also, some manufacturers offer guidance or even provide experts to help you install your trunk. This is a big plus that you should take advantage of.

Why Choose VEVOR’s Q50 Carbon Fiber Trunk?

VEVOR is a reputable manufacturer, and we have sealed our place as a producer of high-quality machine and automotive parts. With over a decade of experience, VEVOR has garnered resources to ensure quality, high-end products come out of our factories every time. With the reputation that we have painstakingly built since 2007 on the line, VEVOR puts out a high-quality and affordable Q50 carbon fiber trunk.

VEVOR’s Q50 carbon fiber trunks are made from high-quality fiber, assuring people of their durability and quality. With the level of quality, you can be assured of the VEVOR’s Q50 carbon fiber trunk giving you the desired strength and performance.

Also, you can be assured of the precise fit your vehicle needs for aesthetics and high performance, as our Q50 carbon fiber trunks are designed explicitly for infiniti Q50s. Essentially, VEVOR’s Q50 carbon fiber trunks are a great buy for you and an excellent addition to your vehicle.  

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