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How to Make Distilled Water?

The water supply in houses, schools and offices is often filled with heavy metals. Therefore, distilled water has become a necessity in people's lives. It is a kind of clean water for people to drink and use safely, for the pollutants (such as bacteria and heavy metals) are effectively removed from the tap water. Additionally, it is also widely used in medical treatment and skin care. How can we get enough distilled water for daily use?
Any way of obtaining distilled water is based on the principle of distillation, which is not so complicated for people to understand. By using the difference in boiling points, the raw water is boiled, evaporated, and then condensed for recovery.
3 main ways to obtain distilled water
1. Purchase from Supermarkets - the Choice of the Rich
Bottled distilled water is perfect for immediate drinking, but just 6 bottles will cost $26! From this point of view, it is not cost-effective to purchase from supermarkets regularly. And since it will produce a tremendous amount of plastic waste, this cannot be considered a sustainable and environmental-friendly method as well. In addition, barreled distilled water is too challenging to store. If you disregard the cleanliness of seal, numerous bacteria will contaminate the whole barrel of water.
2. Self-Made in Laboratory or Kitchen - the Choice of the DIYers
A. Laboratory Producing - For Those Straight-A Students
This requires you to consult your chemistry teacher and borrow the necessary tools. The tools and installation procedures required for the laboratory recipe are as follows: After installing the device, all you need to do is to heat the glass bottle and wait. However, very little distilled water will be produced by this method, and it is not easy to make 15ml. It is a fun science experiment, but if you want to make distilled water for daily use, be quick to give it up.
B. Kitchen Producing - Utilize the Local Materials
DIYers can make home distilled water with the simplest kitchen tools. What you need: stainless steel pan, round grill, glass bowl, lid, ice cubes.
Fill the stainless steel pot halfway with tap water.
Place a round grill on the bottom of the pot and put a glass bowl in the water.
Heat the stainless steel pot until the tap water in it boils.
Turn the lid upside down and fill it with ice cubes.
Continuously heat the tap water and wait for the condensed water to drip into the bowl. If the water in the glass bowl boils, lower the temperature and keep the tap water boiling.
When the water in the glass bowl has accumulated enough, turn off the fire and take it out. The water in the bowl is distilled water.
However, whether you make it in a laboratory or a kitchen, it will take a long time, and you must always keep an eye on it to avoid dry burning. Any careless behavior will likely cause the glass bottles and stainless steel pots to blow up.
3. Buy a DIY Water Distiller - Save Both Your Time and Money
Distilled water machines eliminate more pollutants than water filters or other types of water purifiers, so they are favored by many families. Most of the water distillers on the market are within $100- $200, and the production cost of distilled water is about $0.15 per gallon, which is much cheaper than purchasing bottled water.
3 Keys to Choose a
Good Water Distiller
  • •Efficient distillation and large storage capacity
  • •Fast heat dissipation for longer service life
  • •Dry-burning protection for peace of mind
VEVOR's distilled water machine is sure to be your best choice. It fully meets the 3 points above, only costs $114.99, and is very cost-effective. The highlights after upgrading are as follows:
•Efficient Distillation
Our water distiller has a distillation rate of approximately 0.26 gallons (1 liter) per hour. It can produce about 6 gallons (24 liters) a day, enough for a family of four.
It can produce about
6 gallons
(24 liters)
a day
•Temperature and Time Setting
The feature-rich control panel displays both the setting temperature and the actual temperature.
The setting temperature ranges from 86℉/30℃ to 226.44℉/108℃. While those typical distilled water machines can not have their distillation temperature adjusted, making them unfavorable to consumers that enjoy distilling alcohol and essential oils.The timing function is also very convenient. You can freely set the distillation period between 0 and 99 hours. Set a time at night, and the amount of distilled water for a day will be ready when you wake up. Most importantly, if the water temperature exceeds 115℃, the distilled water machine automatically will stop heating, and shut off to avoid dry burning when the temperature is over 150℃. From the comfort of such dual protection, you don't have to keep an eye on it all the time.
•Reliable Heat Dissipation
The 4-blade fan on the top cover adopts light-weight aluminum instead of fragile plastic. The 2-plate condensing coil in the exhaust cap is also made of 304 stainless steel, providing good heat dissipation and longer service life.
Moreover, the machine's frame and glass carafe are engraved with precise scales, which are convenient for observing the amount of water. It works quietly, ensuring that you will not be aware of it when reading, let alone affect your sleep or that of your family. A bottle of cleaning powder and 3 replaceable carbon packs are also offered for cleaning the chamber and water re-filtration system.
Distilled water can be obtained by using a water distiller in only 3 steps, which is much simpler than other methods:
1.Pour tap water into the stainless steel chamber to the recommended level.
2.Plug it in and touch the start button on the display. The temperature and time have been defaulted to make distilled water.
3.Rest assured, and do other things while waiting for the distilled water to be collected into the glass carafe. About 13 minutes later, distilled water will begin to drip from the water outlet.
It will be easier for a family to use water safely with a home water distiller.
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