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Pool Fence

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Keep Kids and Pets Safe With a Pool Safety Fence

Swimming pools can be a resourceful fun spot for families or even institutions. Whether used for commercial or non-commercial purposes, pools will also have other benefits, like improving a home's value and aesthetics.

However, pools come with inherent risks for small children and pets. Come to think of it; drowning is among the top 5 causes of unintentional-injury-related deaths among children. A perfectly installed pool fence is the best preventive measure for such accidents. And where can you find one?

VEVOR is a reputable brand that specializes in pool fences and other tools and accessories. VEVOR’s products are praised for their outstanding quality and affordability.

What Are The Different Types of Pool Fences?

There are numerous pool fencing ideas, and each has unique features and advantages. Here are the most common types of swimming pool fences.

Removable mesh pool fences: Features and benefits

The removable mesh pool fence is loved for its easy installation and flexibility.

The constituent parts are made from stainless steel and aluminum, increasing their lifespan. They are also easy to piece together.

The mesh also introduces a privacy factor, as it’s not completely see-through.

Glass pool fences: Stylish and transparent safety solution

If you’re a parent and will be having kids swim, the glass pool fence is critical in helping with monitoring kids and pets.

Regularly cleaning the glass pool fence will help it maintain its elegance. It is a great option for those seeking both functionality and aesthetics in a pool fence.

If you’d love a warm swim, purchase a quality swimming pool heater so the fun never stops!

Wrought iron pool fences: Classic and durable option

Wrought iron pool fences offer a touch of sophistication to any pool section. Their iron construction makes them more durable than any other pool fence on this list.

Wrought iron fences can be designed to match your architecture, as they offer excellent flexibility in installation. Nonetheless, you might need substantial maintenance work to keep away rust.

Choosing the Right Pool Fence: What Factors Should I Consider?

When purchasing a pool fence, it’s essential to consider numerous factors for optimal functionality and safety. Here is what to consider before buying a swimming pool fence.

● Height and Spacing - A minimum height of four feet is recommended for pool fences. Again, the spacing must be small enough to prevent children from squeezing through or climbing over. However, compliance with local regulations is a must.

● Material - The most common swimming pool fence materials are mesh, glass, and wrought iron. Even when you can install a pool fence with other material,ensure it checks the functionality and safety boxes.

● Visibility - Visibility is a vital feature to consider when installing pool fences. For private institutions, visibility may compromise privacy. Still, visibility is key in supervision if you'll have kids around. Glass pool fences will give you an easier time with supervision than the mesh or wrought iron choices.

● Maintenance - Consider the specific maintenance requirements of the material you’ve chosen. For instance, the glass pool fence will mostly need cleaning for maintenance, while wrought iron and mesh pool fences might require more attention.

Going with the above factors, you can select a pool fence that prioritizes your kid’s and pet’s safety while still focusing on functionality and aesthetics.

How to Inspect and Maintain Pool Fences

Inspecting and maintaining pool fences is crucial in preventing pool accidents. Moreover, proper maintenance also helps the fence retain an attractive look.

Here are a few tips on how to care for your pool fences.

Regular Cleaning and Maintenance Routines

Regularly clean your pool fence to eradicate dirt, mildew, and grime. Depending on the nature of the swimming pool fence, determine the best cleaning routine that will retain its appearance.

For instance, the glass pool fence only needs wiping with a dry cloth, and it will retain its original appearance. In the event of a stain, use the appropriate cleaning agent to do away with it.

Inspecting fence integrity and addressing repairs

The best way to ensure your pool fence is optimal is by performing regular inspections. Check for breakages, loose or missing parts, and perform the necessary repairs. Don’t forget to check the gate and hinges.

Seasonal Considerations and Winterizing the Pool Fence

This involves preparing the pool fence for Winter and other harsh climates. When Winter approaches, remove any removable parts from the fence and store the components properly for safety.

Why Choose VEVOR?

VEVOR is among the most prominent online one-stops for Pool Fence and accessories. We also offer other tools and equipment. We take pride in our vast catalog of items which are, in most cases, priced cheaper than in other stores.

For the best quality equipment, visit VEVOR. They have excellent 24/7 customer support and free delivery.

FAQs About Pool Fence

1. How tall should a fence around the pool be?

Installed swimming pool fences are required by state law to have a height of 1.2m or 48 inches from the ground. Again, the fence shouldn’t have a gap at the bottom that exceeds 2 inches.

2. What kind of fence do you need for an above-ground pool?

Above-ground pool fences need horizontal climbing supports, and their pickets’ spacing shouldn’t exceed 4 inches. Even with their raised design, above-ground pool fences should allow for easy supervision by the elderly.

3. Can pool safety fences be installed on existing pools or only during pool construction?

Pool safety fences can be installed on existing pools and during constriction.

4. What is the average cost of a fence around pool?

Factoring in labor, the average cost of a fence around pool totals anywhere between $1,000 to $10,000.

5. Which VEVOR pool fence model is highly recommended?

The most recommended VEVOR pool fence model is the Removable DIY Black Mesh Pool Fence for Inground Pools. Check it out.

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