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Granita & Slushy Machines

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Slushies are a quintessential summertime beverage enjoyed by people of all ages. The tropical flavor and vibrant hue come from the blend of sweet ice and flavorful ingredients. As the temperature rises, everyone will be looking for something cool to drink. Slushes are a healthier alternative to sodas when you're thirsty. Slushes, with their sweet, frosty refreshment, are a welcome respite. Every grocery store, convenience store, and snack bar should have a slush machine for its customers to enjoy. In the warmer months, a slush machine is a great addition to any company. Slush drinks are a great way to grab people on the spot and increase your sales.
VEVOR Margarita Machine, 15Lx2 Tank Commercial Slushy Machine
VEVOR Commercial Slushy Machine, 2x2.5L Tank Margarita Machine
VEVOR Commercial Slushy Machine, 3x15L Tank Commercial Margarita
VEVOR Commercial Slushy Machine, 3L Single Bowl Slush Drink Maker
VEVOR Commercial Slushy Machine, 15L Tank Commercial Margarita
VEVOR Commercial Slushy Machine, 3LX2 Tank Slush Drink Maker
VEVOR Commercial Slushy Machine 110V 400W Stainless Steel Margarita
VEVOR Commercial Slushy Machine, 3LX2 Tank Slush Drink Maker,
24L Commercial Slushie Machine Granita Slush Maker Slushy Juice
VEVOR Commercial Slushy Machine, 8L / 2.1 Gal Double Bowl Margarita Machine
VEVOR Commercial Slushy Machine, 3L Single Bowl Slush Drink Maker,
VEVOR 110V Slushy Machine 20L Double Bowl Margarita Frozen Drink Maker
VEVOR Commercial Slushy Machine, 15L x 3 Tank
VEVOR Commercial Slushy Machine, 8L / 2.1 Gal Single Bowl, Cool and Freeze
VEVOR Commercial Slushy Machine, PC VEVOR Commercial Slushy Machine, 12L/3.2GraondeEVOR Graonde Food-
Gall 110V 2-in-1 Commercial Slushy Machine 2x6L
VEVOR Commercial Slushy Machine, 6 L x 2 Tanks 50 Cups, 700W
VEVOR Commercial Slushy Machine, 6L/1.6 Gallons 25 Cups Single-Bowl
VEVOR Commercial Slushy Machine, 6Lx2/1 Galde. PC Tank
VEVOR Slush Frozen Drink Machine, 6LX1 Tank
VEVOR Slushie Machine 2 in-1 Commercial Slushy Machine 6L
VEVOR 110V Slushy Machine 30L Triple Bowl Margarita Frozen Drink Maker
VEVOR 110V Slushy Machine 10L Margarita Frozen Drink Maker
VEVOR Margarita Machines, 12L x 3 Three Bowls
VEVOR Margarita Machines, 24L
VEVOR Margarita Machines, 12L Single-Bowl
VEVOR 110V Slushy Machine 12Lx3 Bowl
VEVOR 110V Commercial Slushy Machine 24L Double Bowl
VEVOR 110V Slushy Machine 12L Single-Bowl

Types of Commercial Slush Machines
Depending on the number of bowls, there are different types of commercial slush machines offered by VEVOR:
Single-bowl commercial slush machine
Double bowl commercial slush machine
Triple bowl commercial

of Commercial slush machine Slush Main Features Machine
The following functional features are offered by VEVOR's band saw meat cutters:
High Capacity
The machine comes with a single-bowl, lire-capacity slushy machine. Our commercial slush machine makes 17-23L of slushy and 12-18L of alcoholic beverages, each hour Serving numerous guests. Pre-cooling and preserving enable you to maintain taste by pre-cooling throughout the day and keeping it fresh at night.
Top Quality
Brace for a slush maker that can anticipate your needs. High-quality food-grade 304 stainless steel is used throughout the slush maker, making it resistant to corrosion, stress, and simple cleaning. Inside the cylinder, there is a reminder to restore the raw product; in the core, there is a tiny opening for releasing the residual components to prevent a blockage.
Rapid Refrigeration & Blending System
The summer frozen drink industry may make use of our refrigeration system's rapid chilling capabilities and high throughput of slush. The 1050W high-powered compressor provides rapid cooling with low energy Prconsumption and little machelise Control
has a simple control panel. It has never been simpler to customize the depth to fit your requirements. The easy-to-use interface makes it possible to serve iced beverages at the press of a button. The problem diagnostic and power outage recall settings are Also very well thought out.
Benefits and Applications of Commercial Slush Machine
This frozen beverage machine is capable of producing a wide variety of beverages, including margaritas, slushies, frozen coffee, alcoholic drinks, fruit smoothies, and smoothies made from fruit. It is perfect for nail salons, nail shops, nail bars, weekend gatherings, tea house distilleries, and restaurants. Ideal for both domestic and industrial applications. The following are some of the user advantages offered by the product:
Pre-cooling and preservation capabilities have been included in the system in order to maintain low temperatures all through the evening , which will preserve beverages at their peak level of freshness and provide options for maintaining a steady excess of stock.
It has a strong compressor for quicker chilling and more significant power conservation, and it runs at a reduced level of sound, so you can make slush much more quickly than before.
It is fitted with a specific settings menu that has an electronic temperature monitor that is easy to read, an on/off switch, independent mix buttons, and cylinder indication keys for worry-free use.
You have the option of selecting between the cold drink option and/or the slush option.
The slush machine features a function that requires a password in order for other individuals who are not allowed to use it to be prevented from doing so.
It puts possible alerts in beforehand and presents answers on the system so that you can locate issues and discover solutions to them more rapidly.
For convenience in maintenance, the margarita machine in question is made of stainless steel.
Because the body contains a small opening for any leftover material, it is far less prone to get clogged.
In addition, there is a reminder in the cylinder for when you need to restock your raw materials in case you run out of them.
In addition to that, it comes with a lovely advertising light box that can have its poster changed to fit your preferences at any time.
FAQs About Commercial Slush Machine
1. Can this machine be used for margaritas?
Answer. Yes. The temperature should be -6 to -9.
2. Can this machine mush wine?
Answer. Since alcohol freezes at -117.3 centigrade, wine is not suggested for slush.
3. Can this machine use snow cone syrup?
Answer. Use ice cream mix if the sugar is above 13%.

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