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Engine Stand

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Buying Versus Renting: Why Investing in an Engine Stand Might Be Best

If you work on an engine or are about to commence work on one, consider getting an engine stand. It makes the whole process easier and more palatable.Engine stands provide a stable platform to hold engines while you disassemble, assemble, or check out the component parts.

The issue now is that if you are just working on an engine as a one-off affair, it may seem unnecessary to buy an engine stand. Therefore, we will examine some fundamentals of engine stands and consider which is preferable for you: buying or renting one.

Why Do You Need an Engine Stand?

This question is a basic one you should start by answering. Before deciding whether buying is better than renting, you must know why you need an engine stand in the first place.

You might have wondered if you could manage without one. Let’s see.


Before commencing work on an engine, one of the first things to do is to confirm that it is placed properly and stably. You must be sure that the engine will only move around appropriately and tip over while working on it.

Car engines provide this dire need for stability, holding engines in place during operations.


The next thing to look out for is the engine's safety and the people close to it. Leaving an engine unsecured while you work on it can increase the risks of accidents and injuries for people around. A rotating engine stand holds the engine properly while you work around it without cause for worry.


One benefit of using motor stands that only some people consider is convenience. With an engine stand, you can adjust the engine’s position as you desire without forcing yourself into uncomfortable positions.

Essential Accessories For Engine Stand

If you think a stand-alone engine is enough to make working on your engines comfortable and easy, you are in for a surprise. While engine stands provide a world of support, some key accessories elevate its performance.

Let’s check out some of them below.

Engine Stand Adapter Plate

Adapter plates or kits help you mount engines securely on the stand. There is no one-size-fits-all, so you should ensure you buy the one suitable for your engine stand.

Leveling Casters

Levelers help you move your engine stand safely within your workspace. They often come with locking mechanisms that enable you to secure them to a place after moving them.

Their benefits are that they allow you to move the engine around better and more securely.

Work Tray

The last thing you want to do while working on an engine is to keep stretching over to a toolbox every time you need a tool. A work tray solves this problem by allowing you to keep the tools most important to your task while you work on the engine.

Support Bar

Support bars may not be essential for every engine stand, but they can be crucial when working with heavy-duty engine stands. They provide additional stability by allowing you to distribute the weight more evenly.

Buying Versus Renting: Which is Better?

Now is the time to decide whether to invest long-term in an engine stand or get one temporarily for immediate use. Both options have pros and cons, which we’ll consider in this section.

Frequency of Use

The major factor that should guide you in deciding is how often you need engine stands. If you are a mechanic or work on engines often, buying might be a great investment. If you are a hobbyist who only works on engines occasionally, renting may be preferable for reasons we will explain shortly.


Buying an engine motor stand is an expensive choice compared to renting one. However, if you rent often and have to deal with time restrictions, the difference is not worth the inconvenience of renting, making buying your own engine more appealing.


Owning an engine stand means dealing with storage issues. Your engine stand must be stored safely free from debris or items that may affect it. You must consider where you will keep the engine stand before buying one, an issue that doesn’t arise with rentals.

Why Choose VEVOR Engine Stands?

If you choose to buy, not rent, an engine stand, you should first know that the brand you choose is very important. Whether you need one for occasional times when you fix your engines or your work requires you to use an engine stand frequently, buying a durable product should be your priority. With this in mind, you should browse the options on VEVOR to choose from some of the highest-quality engine stands you can get.

A major advantage of buying an engine stand from VEVOR is that we offer high-quality products at affordable prices. With our competitive pricing, you may find yourself more inclined to invest in an engine stand and save yourself the cost of renting one every time you need it. If you need help getting the product or have any questions, you should contact our customer support. The team is always ready to help.

FAQs About Engine Stands

What is an engine stand, and what is it used for?

An engine stand is a piece of machinery holding an engine outside a vehicle. It allows mechanics to work on the engine with greater ease and safety.

What are the different types of engine stands?

There are two main categories of engine stands. The first category is light-duty versus heavy-duty. Light-duty is for small engines with capacities around 750 lbs, while heavy-duty handles large engines up to 3000 lbs.

Can I build my own engine stand?

Yes, you can build your own engine stand. However, this is only possible for light-duty engines. For heavy-duty stands, you should lean into the expertise of commercial ones, as they offer a better guarantee of stability.

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