A Comprehensive Guide on How to Hide a Safe


You might have a safe in your home to keep your valuables safe and secure. But would leave it in a place where the burglars can easily spot it? If yes, then there is no point in having a safe in the first place. Properly hiding a safe in the house is vital to keep your valuables secure.

Doing so would make it difficult for burglars to find the potential place of the safe. So, where to put the safe in a house? In this article, we’ll discuss all the things about hiding your safe properly. Not only that, but you will also learn about the VEVOR security safe box for discreet security solutions.

The Need for Safe Concealment

With a robust and top-notch safe, you can ensure that your valuable items are safe from burglars. If you are looking for places to hide cash, then having a safe is the best option. But that is not all, a thoughtfully-engineered safe can also keep your loved ones safe.

Protection from Internal Threats

A safe not only allows you to put cash, gold, or other things, but it also ensures that the weapons are not accessible to children. There have been instances where children with unsecured firearms in homes got access to the weapons. So, if you want to prevent any sort of accidents like that, then you might consider using a safe to keep your weapons.

Protection from External Threats

Another important thing is that the safe keeps your valuables safe from burglars and intruders. But that is only the case if you are hiding a safe in a secret location. If burglars can easily locate the safe, they might take it with them — if not being able to crack the code while inside your house.

Creative Approaches to Hiding a Safe

creative approaches to hiding a safe

Now, you might be wondering where to hide your safe. Well, there are a lot of places for you to keep your safe. But it is best to take a creative approach here to outsmart the burglars. In that case, let’s go over the few areas where you can hide your safe.

Cloak and Cabinet: Hiding a Safe in Furniture

Hiding a safe in furniture can be a great way to shield it from intruders. You can be creative here and choose the best idea for your safe. Let’s go over a few places where you can conceal your safe from the prying eyes of the burglars.

  • Inside furniture – Placing the safe in a furniture piece is a great way to keep your valuables hidden. You can check out the different ideas when it comes to how to hide a safe in the furniture. For instance, you can place a compact safe on your sofa.
  • Behind artwork – If you have a wall-mounted safe, then you can consider putting paintings or prints in front of them. It will provide you with optimal safety for your valuable processions. The safe in the walls is difficult for burglars to take, hence giving you peace of mind that the safe is not going anywhere.
  • Under flooring – The hidden floor safe ideas are also worth exploring for homeowners. With basic carpentry skills, you can build an underfloor compartment to keep your prized possessions.

Disguise in the Dresser: The Art of Safe Concealment in the Closet

concealing safe in the closet

A safe hidden in the closet can be difficult for burglars to spot. However, there should be sufficient space to accommodate the safe when the doors shut. Plus, it is important to factor in the direction in which you place your safe. It should open completely without any hindrance in its functions.

In addition to that, the safe should be bigger and heavier. If you can bolt it to the closet, then it would be perfect. Doing so will make it quite difficult to take the safe with them. You can also go for a wall safe in the closet so burglars can’t steal it.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Hide a Safe in Your House

It is time to hide a safe in your home. But how do you about the process of hiding it in your house? Here are the steps you can take to ensure your safe is in a place where intruders won’t be able to locate it.

Choosing the Right Safe for Concealment

First things first, it is important to choose the right safe according to your needs, preferences, and requirements. From size and security features to the type of valuables you plan to store, you need to ensure that you find the right safe for concealment. Some of the factors to consider when choosing a safe include:

  • Water resistance – This will ensure that the safe doesn’t submerge under a flood or water pipe break
  • Tool resistance – Go for a safe with a higher protection rating as the burglar would find it difficult to dismantle it.
  • Fire resistance – The safe should offer at least 30 minutes of protection against fire

Apart from these, you should also consider the size of the safe. Ideally, large and heavy safes are difficult for burglars to dismantle. Plus, they will have a hard time carrying it. On the other hand, small safes might be easy for them to carry.

However, the smaller safes give you greater convenience when it comes to hiding them. Therefore, you should consider these parameters before deciding on the size of the safe.

Installation Tactics – Ensuring Security without Compromising Discretion

Once you find the right safe, you need to find the right place where you can hide it. You can hide it in a closet or go to any other place according to your preference. Either way, you need to clear the location and remove the things that you don’t want there.

Next up, you need to ensure that the safe properly fits in the wall, closet, floor, or wherever you intend to put it. Place the safe in the area and mark it with a pencil. Take out your toolbox to cut the area, drill the holes, and fit the safe in. If you are going for an in-floor safe, you’ll find it easier to install the bolts.

Integrating Home Design – Making Your Safe Blend In

The integration of a safe into the overall design of your home is an art that enhances both security and aesthetics. Therefore, you should get an expert to ensure that the safe integrates into your home’s aesthetic appeal. Apart from that, you can get motion sensors and alarms around your safes to further enhance overall security.

Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

A lot of people might know how to hide a safe in a closet, but they might make a few mistakes. These can lead to security vulnerabilities, putting your valuable items at stake. Let’s go over the common mistakes which you need to avoid when installing a safe.

Installing the Safe When the House Is Still Under Construction

It would be quite convenient for you to install the safe when constructing your home. However, it is best that fewer people know about the safe for security reasons. So, try out to get the safe installed after you build your house.

Keeping the Keys of Safe in the Same Room as the Safe

While you might have implemented some of the hidden wall-safe ideas, it would be futile if you left the emergency key in the same room. A burglar would be easily able to access it and steal your valuables. Therefore, you need to keep the emergency key in a different place.

Installing the Safe Where It Is Easily Reachable With Ample Room

The last thing that you need to do is keep the safe at a reachable height. Ideally, it should be at an “eye level” so it is difficult for burglars to access it. Apart from that, there shouldn’t be much room for burglars to move. This way, it will be difficult for them to maneuver and take the safe with them.

FAQs about Hiding a Safe

How to store or hide a safe in my house?

There is no specific space when it comes to the question — where to hide a safe. However, most people can store the safe in their bedrooms, and kitchens or even conceal it in their laundry area.

Should I buy a small safe?

Small safes are portable and offer greater efficiency than large ones. Plus, they are easy to place in most areas of your home. However, you should keep in mind that it is relatively easy for burglars to carry it with them.

What part of the safe is the weakest?

Today, the safe comes with a wide range of advancements, such as retinal scanning, fingerprint scanning, digital combinations, and much more. Yet, the locking mechanism is considered to be the weakest entry point for most safes

Summing Up

On that note, the article comes to an end with hopes that you have a clear idea about the closet safe ideas. This way, you can ensure that your valuable stays away from the prying eyes of intruders. As a result, you can sleep comfortably knowing your precious items are safe.

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