Secure Living: A Comprehensive Guide to Safe Installation


There is no way of knowing when you might become a victim of a home burglary. For that reason, it is better to be safe by taking the right measures. But, what should protective measures should you take to keep your valuable item safe in case of a burglary? Well, most of the experts believe you should install a safe at home.

A safe is an ideal thing to keep your valuable items. Not only that, you can also put your weapons in the safe. This will ensure that you can access it without any issues while keeping it away from children. However, getting a safe is not enough, you need to install it properly.

This will ensure that the burglars don’t end up finding it easily. So, where to put a safe in the house? And how to install a safe at home properly? In this article, we’ll delve deeper into all the things you need to know about the installation of a safe at your home. Furthermore, you will also learn how the VEVOR security safe box might be the ideal solution for you.

Understanding the Need for a Security Safe Box

need for a security safe box

A home-safe installation ensures that you have a proper place to keep your valuable items. This could include expensive jewelry, weapons, important documents, and other things. As a result, you will be able to have the peace of mind that your things are hidden properly.

In case of a burglary, it gives you the peace of mind that these valuable things don’t end up in the hands of burglars. In addition to that, the safe also ensures that valuable items and documents don’t get harmed if there is any natural disaster.

Nevertheless, it all comes down to the installation of the safe.  Let’s get to know about the proper way of installing a home safe. It will help you get a better idea of where to place your safe.

Step-by-Step Guide for Home Safe Installation

step by step safe installation

Home-safe installation isn’t too difficult, but it requires proper planning. You need to have the right toolkit by your side to ensure smooth installation. Also, the type of home safe you planning on getting determines the process. Here is the step-by-step guide for installing standalone, underground, and in-wall safe.

How to Install an Underground Safe?

If you are wondering how to install a safe in the floor, then keep in mind that it is a bit complex. Firstly, you would need to dig a hole in your concrete floor, which should be twice the size of your safe. Next, you need to pour in the concrete mixer just to half the length of the hole.

Avoid overfilling it as this can make the safe protrude the ground, grabbing the intruder’s attention. After the concrete mix dries, place the safe in the hole and pour the cement into the gap. It is imperative that the safe needs to be on a level with the floor.

The process for a wooden floor-safe installation is the same with just a few considerations. You need to find a space where there are floor joists to support the safe’s weight. This is because the floorboards themselves aren’t strong and would need assistance to hold the safe.

How to Install an In-Wall Safe?

For safes of this nature, it’s crucial to have a designated wall cavity that accommodates the safe securely. You should choose an appropriately sized safe that fits snugly within the wall cavity. Modern advancements even offer the convenience of custom home safes.

Start by positioning the vault with its door slightly open within the cavity and marking the locations of the stud holes. Subsequently, drill the holes and secure the bolts in position. An important thing to note before tightening the screws is that the doors should be closing properly. It guarantees a precise and secure safe home installation, providing both functionality and peace of mind.

How to Install Wall/Standalone Safe?

These types of safes are relatively easier to install than the other two. First, you have to find the right place to install your wall safe. Next, you need to cut out an opening and insert the safe securely. Make sure to fill in the space properly by building a frame.

A lot of people might also wonder how to install a safe in a closet. Ideally, you need to conceal the safe properly so no one can spot it. There are other places that you can consider hiding your safe, such as at the back of a dressing cabinet, behind a pile of children’s toys, etc.

Ensuring Maximum Security

If you want to guarantee maximum security, then it is best that you put your safe in a sturdy part of the house. This way, it can become difficult for a person or a natural disaster to remove it. You can either place it on a concrete floor or put it in a wall.

Mounting on a wooden surface increases the chances of the safe falling out of place. Therefore, you should avoid installing a safe on a wooden surface. Furthermore, it is best to keep the safe concealed by covering it up with:

  • Large pieces of furniture
  • Doors blending in with other storage spaces
  • Custom cabinets
  • Art or wall hangings

In addition to that, you need to avoid any drilling in the floorboards for underfloor heating. This is because of the pipes that might be going through the flooring. Let an experienced professional handle the safe installation for you if that is the case for your home.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Now that you how to install a safe, you might be getting your tools ready. But before you embark on that journey, there are a few things that you need to know about installing a safe. Here are the common mistakes to avoid when it comes to DIY installation of the safe.

Keeping the Safe at a Lower Height

One of the things that you need to do is keep the safe at a lower height. This makes it easy for burglars to use different tools and break the safe. So, you need to keep a safe at a higher distance which is ideal at eye level.

This will make the process of breaking the safe more complex and laborious. Plus, this will also make it more tiring and less effective if the burglars use a sledgehammer to break the safe.

Not Choosing the Right Place

One of the most common errors in safe installation is choosing the wrong location. A lot of people don’t have a clear idea about where to put a safe in their house. They end up putting it in the master bedroom without concealing it properly. It is usually the first place that the intruders will search.

Additionally, you should avoid installing the safe in your garage as you might leave it open mistakenly. Plus, the garage is the least safe place when it comes to burglary, fire, or any other disasters. So, you should avoid installing your safe in these places.

Not Looking at the Fire Ratings

You might want to install a fireproof safe to keep your valuable items protected in case of fire. However, you don’t have to trust the word of the manufacturer. Instead, you need to check the fire rating for the safe that you prefer to choose from your home.

While choosing a robust and fire-resistant safe is vital, you also need to find the right place to install it. The best place to install the safe would be at the corner where two outside walls meet. It will provide optimal support and safety in case of a fire.

Expert Tips and Recommendations

Installing the safe in a place where it is not visible to the burglars is vital. Therefore, experts recommend that you install the safe on a wall, under the floor or basement, or in an attic. This will make it difficult for burglars to access the safe.

In case of a gun-safe installation, you need to put it in a place where you can easily access it. Having access to the firearm is vital. That is why you need to get a gun safe that allows you to get your hands on the weapon quickly.

FAQs about Safe Installation

Where should I place my safe?

The place you choose should factor in convenience as well as safety. Consider going for a place with less humidity, heat, or traffic, such as a bedroom other than the master bedroom.

Is it possible to install the safe on your own?

If the safe is small, then you can go for DIY installation. But if the safe is heavy, then consider getting help.

What size safe do I need?

The exact size of the safe varies from person to person. You can pile up everything that you need to put in the safe to find out how large a safe you might need.


On that note, we come to an end with our guide about safe box installation. It will help you get a better idea about how you can keep your valuable items secure. So, if you have made up your mind to get a safe, then the VEVOR Security Safe might be the right choice. It gives you the ease of purchase along with an easy Installation process.

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