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VEVOR LED Work Light with Stand, 6000 Lumen Dual-head LED Work Light with 27.6"-68.1" Adjustable and Foldable Tripod Stand, IP65 Waterproofed LED Tripod Work Light, with 5000 Kelvin Color Temperature

Customer Reviews for VEVOR LED Work Light with Stand, 6000 Lumen Dual-head LED Work Light with 27.6"-68.1" Adjustable and Foldable Tripod Stand, IP65 Waterproofed LED Tripod Work Light, with 5000 Kelvin Color Temperature

6000 lm

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Hohn Hohn
Impressive unit. Surprised ar the quality of the LED 's. Wiring is heavy duty and the additional 6' cord is a welcome surprise. The tripod assembly feels sturdy but is a little difficult to collapse for storage. Overall, I'm very pleased with my purchase. For under 70$ when I see comparable units priced well over 100$, I feel I've gotten incredible value.
2k3Mach1 2k3Mach1
What a light. Look directly at it and you're blinded
I wish it raised up higher, such as telescopic pole. Looking the direction the light is you can see nothing, looking with the light to your back is definitely lit up. I use it to cut/split wood right now, but will later use with each light mounted to the side of my garage on a switched outlet. Definitely a bright light
Really happy
I bought this light to use outside of our camper to give us some lighting and it is perfect !!! Easy to set up!!
VEVOR Customer VEVOR Customer
Great Portable Product for Remodels
Very bright with stand and extra cord. Good Value
Mcelmo pete Mcelmo pete
Pleasantly surprised that the top comes off easily, so you can use it on the floor. The light was easy to assemble, and went together smoothly. The light is bright and doesn’t heat up like my old light did very pleased with this purchase
sipy sipy
Sturdy stand, ingenious release mechanism, but sub-par fasteners for LEDs
Love the sturdiness of the stand, and the ingenious release mechanism for the light bar. Also liked that they included a heavy-duty extension cord - that was a welcome bonus. Dislike the rather short wires coming off of the AC power cord's splitter box near the lamps. This SEVERELY limits the range of motion possible for each LED light. The "U" brackets that hold the LED lamps are flimsy, and include sub-par fasteners to the light bar. I had to improvise a solution using my own supplies (numerous flat and split washers), and yet I still don't like how the LED frame-holders attach to the light bar. I'll try adding some rubber feet or something.IN SPITE OF all of this, I *LOVE* this light! The LEDs are seriously bright, and run SIGNIFICANTLY cooler than a comparable non-LED flood lamp. (I chose the 10,000 lumens option)This product has a few things to improve, but it is DEFINITELY worth the price. I think if you have a little patience, and a few spare washers, you, too will love this purchase!I would definitely buy another one, despite everything.
matt h. matt h.
Excellent work light.
This is an excellent shop light that can be used on the floor or mounted on the included stand. Two very bright LEDs.
Meek Meek
Good addition
As the title suggests, this was a good addition for me because I use it during my workout videos. It provides a great amount of bright light.The set up and break down is simple and if you’re thinking of getting it for purposes other than work or auto motive reasons, try it out!
D. Wade D. Wade
It works & it's not over priced. PERFECT!!
I needed a replacement rack of work lighting. I've had a number of nice sets but grew tired of paying top dollar for something that inevitably was going to become consumable tool. I was headed to Harbor Freight to save some money when my deal-sniffing wife got on the task. She found this unit. It's less expensive than the comparable Harbor Freight unit. It is however, comparable to the quality I've come to expect from Harbor Freight (though I can't compare this light to anything Harbor Freight offers. I've never tried their lighting systems. I'm stating that the hardware & workmanship are similar).I assembled it within a 5 minute period. It lights up brightly enough for my needs. It's plently adjustable. The lights run pretty hot for LED's but way better than the old quartz lamps. To my surprise, it came with an extension cord. I don't know if it stated that in the ad or not. Maybe it was supposed to come with it, maybe it wasn't. Either way, I'm pleased to have it as something I didn't expect.I can't speak to durability or life expectancy. I can say that I'm glad I didn't have to 3x the cost of this unit to get more light.
Ross Ross
Very happy for price
Very happy with price point and how bright they are.

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