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Kevin Coleman Kevin Coleman
Make sure to measure all available stovetop space and cupboard mounting area before ordering..
I ordered this measuring the old hood that I had on my cupboards and thought this would work for me. Turns out that my stove was a little deeper than this and my cupboards shallower than its mounting capability. I was not able to install it because of that without making some modifications to the cupboards for mounting so I don't think I will be able to use this for now. I want to look into other options or maybe replace the cupboards for deeper ones in the future. The hood I have now must have been custom for the stove and cupboard setup as half of it is between the cupboards and the other half sticking way out over the stove which also sticks out from the counters as well.
M. Anderson M. Anderson
Attractive Modern Quality
I’m in the process of remodeling my kitchen, and this is exactly what I was looking for. My wife is only 5’ tall, and most of the venting hood options in kitchens these days involve a microwave oven over the stove. Fine for some, but she has to get out a step stool to use it.I had a little trouble installing it, but I was working alone. Having a helper is highly recommended. Everything I needed was included, and I had it installed and working in about 45 minutes with my existing wiring. While putting it together, I noticed that the screen and all the maintenance items are thoughtfully designed and placed so that the access to them is good for cleaning. If you’ve ever had to clean and replace the grease screen or had to replace the bulb on a microwave hood, you know how important this can be.The lights are nice and bright, and I slotted it easily into a cabinet I bought for this purpose.None of these fans are especially quiet; it’s an exhaust hood, after all. But I notice that I can talk in a normal voice when it’s on the lower settings, which is again, not really possible with a microwave vent due to the need to cram all of that into a small space. Despite that, it did a good job of pulling the smoke and odors away from the stove. I don’t know if it’s due to the hood itself or the oversized duct work I installed in my previous installation of the microwave to help it cope with its smaller fan - it is a big improvement over what I had before, that’s for sure.
sheila sheila
This was a much needed upgrade. It fit perfect so it’s true to size. Installation was fast and smooth.
Faux Green Thumb Faux Green Thumb
Low Noise
Went in fairly easily.Fan pulls lots of air, but much quieter than our old one. I also love the look of this with the baffles covering the "guts" of the unit. The baffles pop off easily for cleaning. Keeps everything looking really pretty.The LED bulbs put off plenty of light.
denise denise
Ease of installation
Was easy to install. Noise level is so so but works well and does what it's supposed to do. I like the led lights actually love them!!
James Hulse James Hulse
Easy install very quiet blower
The db for this unit is very quiet. I can barely hear level 1 when I am not right next to the unit. Retro Install is a level 3 out of 10 if you have some power tools and know how to use them. I would say level 7-8 if you don’t know how to use some power tools. For a new kitchen this blower is great as well. Enjoy
This Range Hood is Good
I spent a number of years installing professional kitchen exhaust systems in restaurants, so I have hood experience. This model arrived well packed, not damaged and in working condition. The stainless steel is on the bottom and on a 1/2” lip that extends into the enclosure. It comes with two charcoal filters but you can omit them if desired. The baffle panels are easy to remove and the hardware was surprisingly robust. It’s powered with a standard US three prong plug, similar to installing an above the stove microwave. There are five stainless steel buttons, three for fan speed, one for the lights, and a power button that shuts off the fan. The suction is powerful and does the job well. Included is a plastic rear adaptor for the also included flexible metal exhaust duct. The flexible duct is similar to dryer duct. You’ll have to find hardware for connecting the duct to whatever outside point. Last, they include screws for attaching it, typically from the inside to the outside horizontally. It does not seem possible to attach it from the bottom up vertically.This fits in a set space and takes up vertical space. Be sure you have the under-the-cabinet room before purchasing.

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