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Ángel Garcia Ángel Garcia
Se especifica bien el producto
Se cumple con todo lo dicho y se está completa todas las partes
S.McKnight S.McKnight
Worked good
Ok set of pullers, worked well but the jaws are soft and started to deform before the part came loose.
Iron City Contracting LLC Iron City Contracting LLC
Great Tool
This puller has turned out to be one of the best purchases I have made. We use the 5 ton and also the 10 ton for removing bearings, gears, pulleys, or anything you would need a puller for. This is so much better than the old screw type. One thing about them is have you a helper because they do tend to get heavy trying to get them in place. They can be a little aggravating to use by yourself, but they are worth it. Also, they don't have much stroke, so we always grab a impact socket to use as a spacer. I highly recommend and will outfit each crew with these as we bring them on.
donald watt donald watt
Excellent product, saves time and very affordable.
I used this puller to pull the hub off the spindle on my ford escape.I wasn't able to drive the spindle out using a 3pound hammer, so I purchased this 15 ton hydraulicpuller. It did what it was designed to do. I am very satisfied with this tool. High quality.
Julia Getz Julia Getz
New favorite tool
Removing rusted pins on a tractor.Was hammering and heating, but still difficult and in one case was still stuck.Used this tool, and “ping”, the pin came right out
I liked it, the article is good, although I didn't use it, the material is fine, the quality of the product is good, I recommend it, the price seems good to me, that's why I bought this tool, the delivery will be fast, it will arrive well.
Steve E Cizmar Steve E Cizmar
Great tool
The puller POPPED the rusted on rotors off with a lot of power. Heavy to use but it’s worth the effort.
michael michael
Heavy duty works well
Was heavy duty enough to get the job done.
MZ Party of 6 MZ Party of 6
Popped my rotor off!
Other than the fact that the instructions made no sense at all, and on and off are backward, it was amazing. I was able to pop my front brake rotors off that had rusted to the wheel hubs in a spectacular fashion.
annon y mouse annon y mouse
Unbelievable for the price
How they afford to make and ship a product this heavy for the price they charge is beyond me. CNC machining. Did the job well.

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