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Will Robinson Will Robinson
Perfect product solved many problems
Perfect product
Sooz Sooz
This Saved My Pond(s)
The tree above my pond this year shed hundreds of thousand little leaves and seed pods all over but especially in my bigger pond. I had to have the pond professionally cleaned. After it was cleaned, I put this domed tent up (it was easy enough but because of the size, had to have two people to do so) and it works great! Keeps out all leaves and seed pods and still lets in the sunlight. It also keeps predators out and keeps my turtles in the pond where they should be. It was flexible enough to fit all the way around the pond including the rocks lining the outside. Saves me so much trouble - I got two of them, one smaller for the little pond and a huge one for my 13'x7' pond.
Smilla Jasperson Smilla Jasperson
This did the trick!
This product worked really well to keep the gazilions of autumn leaves out of our fishpond. We have tried other solutions, but this is the best yet. Some reviewers have complained that it is prone to blowing around in the wind, but with a few large rocks around the base it stayed put just fine for several blustery weeks. Others have mentioned that it collapsed in the snow, but we had no issues with this either. With a couple of inches of snow on board it held up just fine. It is not designed or intended for use in heavy snow, obviously. Sets up similar to a dome camping tent and this job is a lot easier to accomplish with 2 people, we but had it up in about 10 minutes. Handy zipper on one end allows easy access to inside of the tent. We got the 10x14 size, which could easily double as a mosquito netting tent with room inside for a picnic table. Would buy again, but I probably won't have to, as it is well made & got through its first season in great shape. Should last pretty well. Highly recommended!
John long John long
Purchased two, works perfectly for my two koi ponds
K. Henderson K. Henderson
This tent worked great for us and saved a lot of work
We have a fish pond in a courtyard under a maple tree. Each fall it is a massive effort to keep the leaves out and filter clean. As the leaves started to turn we looked for a way to minimize the effort and this product really worked for us. It fit our irregularity shaped pond pretty well and did the job keeping the leaves out. The fish and the pond cleaner are both happy campers.
g g
Good Product
Good product, works as intended, saves plants from squirrels.
Redina buzzell Redina buzzell
Great product
Great screened tent for a pond but I have turtles in my pond and I need to get inside and move around .and it's just not made for that. I like it just not as easy as I wanted
VEVOR Customer VEVOR Customer
Great to keep out leaves & animals
We bought this to keep leaves out of pond during the Fall, & to protect fish from birds like hawks that occasionally fly over when the tree cover doesn't exist. Easy to feed fish with the front zipper. Had to buy a little bigger than needed in order to clear the edging rocks. Would have liked the directions to be a bit clearer, other than just pictures. We put heavy blocks on edges as extra protection from high winds
Susan Biskner Susan Biskner
Good choice to cover a pond
This is my second purchased protective net because I have two ponds. The Vevor net is actually bigger, easier to set up, easier to store, and costs half the price as my previous net. It dries fast and the leaves don’t stitck to it which a huge plus when storing at the end of the season. My not complaining paint is that the n three places the stitching is not continuous. See pics
Donald Ventimiglia Donald Ventimiglia
Great pond cover
Was a little challenging to set up alone , need another set of hands . Quality seems good . Held up to 40mph wind / rain storm . I would recommend.

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