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David Smith David Smith
2 L
I bought this cleaner to replace hand-scrubbing of glass disks after cutting on a diamond saw. As a test, I used it on some previously hand-scrubbed pieces and was happily surprised to see it remove a bunch of additional grit. This will definitely improve the quality of my glass art. It’s a powerful and easy to use cleaner and is now an indispensable tool for me.
Dental Place Dental Place
30 L
great product
This ultrasonic works amazing just as it should and is at a great price. Its easy to use there is nothing to it. quality is great, we have used it every day since it was received and have had no problems with it.
Claude Claude
10 L
Excellent for cleaning motor cycle parts such as carb and brake assemblies.
Got this 10L sized unit just in time to really clean my carbs on my Goldwing motorcycle. Amazing how they cleaned up inside and out. Love the added small parts basket and hose with clamp for draining. Pleasant surprise on those extras. Will buy again if needed. Fast shipping and well packaged too.
Ed Ed
10 L
Great value
I must say this small ultrasonic cleaner has service me well. It does an excellent job cleaning small items. it is a decent size to start out with not to small, not to big exactly right. I have read that the sound it makes when in use is loud, however, I do not find it to be that loud at all. The cleaner is well made and for the price you cannot bit it. I have been using it three to four days week cleaning every source of thing to getting the hang of it. It has performed fall less every time. I recommend this ultrasonic cleaner to anyone starting out before they go big. Great buy go for it.
Joe Joe
10 L
Works great
I bought this to clean a reusable oil filter and it works great! The filter looks brand new after cleaning.
Chong 925 Chong 925
0.8 L
small but powerful!
I thought that its size was not going to do a good job but it has surprised me, it works very well!
Christopher Allen Lee Christopher Allen Lee
6 L
If you shoot fire arms…you need this
I bought this cleaner with high doubts as I thought it would be snake oil. But after I put the cleaner to work (along with a quality ultra sonic gun cleaner solution) I was blown away by the results…… after the session it was a simple wipe off and lube. I highly recommend
Bill Bill
6 L
Wanted one for a while. Great buy and great product.
Mauricio Damus Mauricio Damus
6 L
Only cons are it takes a while to heat up and it's noise. But it helps cleaning my tools, glasses and etc.Quality is good .If you have dogs please take them distant from the cleaner when on, it hurts their ears.
Joey Joey
6 L
The unit came well packed and very easy to start using. The controls are very easy to use, the drain is helpful, and the basket is sturdy. The Vevor is effective at cleaning jewelry, coins, carburetors, and pretty much anything with oxidation or grime. Highly suggested for anyone who works with tools or wants to refresh jewelry. I found Zep orange citrus based degreaser to be a good cleaner to use, at about a quarter cup in the tank with very hot water. Maybe my hearing is bad, but it isn't terribly loud, just annoying, so run it in the garage or basement. The downside: The heater is woefully weak. It takes a very long time to change the water temperature even a couple degrees, so the recommendation is to use hot tap water, and even heat it in a microwave to get it up to the desired temperature.

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