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Daniel W. Daniel W.
Worked ok
Software was a nightmare to get working, cut ok, takes time to get cutter exactly where you want but when you do works like a charm
Milambit Milambit
Easy Enough To Figure Out
The instructions and software were confusing, the stand doesn't match the diagram, and the language needed to be changed but I didn't pay for instructions, I paid for a vinyl cutting/plotting machine.This machine is fantastic for the price. If you've never used a vinyl cutter before then look up setup videos on youtube, blogs, or forums.You Setup The Stand- It's easier than a bionicle or Y7 lego set.- Look at the Picture On The Listing you won't find an accurate picture in the booklet. The closest looking one in the booklet might even confuse you because it has more pieces than what you actually get.Install The Software- If you don't have a CD drive, the same software is on the USB drive and you can use the same activation key.Turn it on- Plug it in *THEN* Turn the switch on. There is an emergency stop button on the backside and a reset button on the front.- Change the language to English, this will help you figure out how to use the buttons to navigate the menus.- Lower the cut force, my vinyl calls for 80g or so.- After you insert your vinyl Spring Levers in the back need to be engaged to grab the vinyl. If The levers move, if you put it too far to one side it won't roll against the wheel and it'll crumple up your vinyl immediately.Use the pen tool to test it first and make sure to select the pen tool in the cutting software.This model features a basic semi-automatic contour cutting feature and laser sensor.
Gentle Giant Gentle Giant
Worked great from the word go
When I purchased this item, I was very skeptical. It was cheap and had enough good reviews that I took a chance. It is a well made, quality machine. buy extra blades. came fast and with everything it claimed to. If you cant assemble the base you are probably not qualified to own a vinyl cutter, try a different hobby. One tip I found helpful was the "test area" button in the software. lets the machine scroll through the entire area it will be cutting before it cuts anything. this feature helps you to see what the machine is thinking before it cuts in the wrong area. super helpful. A small red sticker I put on the blade tensioning wheel lets you see in an instant if the blade will go off vinyl.
tammy tammy
It's awesome machine
I love the cutter, it took me a minute to learn to use it. The program it comes with is great as well as other programs will work to. I went from a circuit is this machine. I can use the same material as my circuit cutter.Thank you Tammy Columbe

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