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Robert Robert
Great cover for my desk!
Nice covering for a desk or table. Very clear and quite flexible. I needed to cut it down a bit to fit my desk, the material was surprisingly tough to cut. If you need to cut it get a really sharp knife or good pair of scissors.
great clear mat
I use this mat as a cover to one of my fish tanks and have cut the appropriate size I need to make it fit and I will say I know it isn't the intended purpose, but for me this mat works great. I have so much left over to use for any other tank or any small table. it is nice and easy to manipulate with scissors and is made of good quality. I highly recommend. (in my strange case it works well for my small 3 gallon and 2 gallon tanks as toppers.)
Non Stop Horizon Non Stop Horizon
Worth the investment to protect your table!
I made the mistake initially of ordering a very cheap clear plastic tabletop cover (under $15). That thing came folded in a very small package, which meant it was full of creases that were impossible to get out. So I decided to take a chance on spending well over that amount for this rolled thick plastic cover and I'm so pleased with it!It is thick and durable. It came rolled as shown in the photos so there were not creases to deal with. With a bit of weight on the ends, it flattened out and formed to the tabletop in no time!Our dining table is walnut with "living edges" so I decided that it would be better to have the cover not drape over the sides or ends. To do this I ordered a size just smaller than our table and I think that it turned out perfectly as you can see in the photos attached.We use coasters at our formal dining table so I cannot say yet how this would hold up to condensation or with hot drinks such as a coffee mug, but for the price, I would anticipate that it should do fine. My wife and I started our Christmas decorations early this year so you can get an idea of how our table looks fully set up (not completed yet) with the cover on as well.When protecting a nice table, I cannot recommend going for this cover and skipping out on the cheap, thin, creased plastic options out there. You will love it! Worth the cost, imho!
ReviewToaKill ReviewToaKill
Makes It Easy to Protect Surfaces
My husband is in IT, and is a nightmare on any kind of tabletop or desktop (the furniture - not the computer). He has a pretty big workstation at home that covers several different surfaces. They are already covered in ink, dings, strange adhesive blobs, and scratches. I got this, as I figured it would protect what was left.This is really pretty perfect and would work on just about every surface. Even though it has a glossy finish, it's not horribly slick. It's also easy to cut down using a sharp blade. Very functional.
Clear shatter proof vinyl table protector
As expected! It’s clean, shatter proof (unlike glass); thick PVC plastic; protects my regularly used wood table from heat; scratches and nicks; easy to place; easy and smooth to wipe clean as needed.This table cover comes rolled up long and safely packaged. Overall, good vinyl table cover protector.
anonoymous anonoymous
The best table protector money can buy
I forgot I placed this order during the holidays, so receiving a large rectangular box at my doorstep days after Christmas was when it really truly to feel like the holidays. This Crystal Clear Table Protector is thicc, it's chonk. Whoa mama! 2mm of unadulterated PVC plastic protects my antique wood table from moisture, grease, coffee and tidbits of food that flies around during eating. Lunch and Dinner have never been easier to clean up with this bad boy on. If you want a pure table protector experience, treat yourself to this Mercedes-Benz of table protectors.
Safely packed, thick plastic, crystal clear
I have a couple cats that like to chew on things, and for some reason plastic table protectors are literally the cat's meow. We run through them quite quickly.This ships rolled and wrapped in plastic. Inside there is a thin foil cover, and they included a white doily as well. The plastic measures true to size and crystal clear. I was worried that I would have to press it flat, but it actually has enough give that it laid flat straight out of the package. I have used it for almost a month now, and although there are some teeth marks showing, there is no yellowing or other damage due to crafting and writing on the desk. Expect this will outlast the others I have tried.
Enesh Enesh
Very good quality. Loved it
Brad Moore Brad Moore
It's good.Thanks
G. Hearn G. Hearn
Nice clear plastic table protector.
This is a clear plastic table protector. It’s fairly thick. It comes rolled. So you will need to unroll it and let it flatten over time. You can speed up the process by using a hairdryer or let it sit in the sun for a while.As you can see, several sizes are offered. But if you are exact size is not listed, you can cut the plastic if necessary.Made in China.

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