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James W. James W.
It's a real refrigerator
For a camping cooler it is big and heavy. But it has a real motor that works like a real fridge. I have tried to set two different temperatures and it has worked very well. For two days I kept one part at 5º and the other at -5º. It has taken a day to freeze a 1.5l bottle of water but then kept the bottle completely frozen. Now I have been using it for three weeks (only at 4º in both compartments) and it is perfectly fine. So far so good.
Justin Goodland Justin Goodland
Really good product and company
Surprisingly compact but no less than a powerhouse. Has made life living in a semi immeasurably better. Quiter than a whisper and holds the cold for hours without power. I am thoroughly impressed.
Mike A Klotz Mike A Klotz
Love this unit
Bought this for an 8+ hour trip through Texas and Arkansas. Worked great, even in the 100 degree plus heat. Everything stayed frozen and fridge side stayed around 40. You do need to plug it in the day before. It is heavy we used a portable hand truck and that moved it fine.
Dennis L Ray Dennis L Ray
I’m a truck driver
Took it out of the box, plugged it in. It is not very noisy, about like a dorm room fridge. It took about 6 hours to get down to a freezing temp. I have been buy items from BougeRV, no complaints so far.
J Wilson J Wilson
Making Road Trips More Enjoyable !
This fridge was a perfect fit to put in the back of my Jeep. I connected it to a portable power station and now road trips are more enjoyable.
Samu Samu
Everything was very good, product of very good quality. A highly recommended place to shop. The purchase was very safe.
Keith Keith
Good for the Price
Bought for weekend camping, trips. Used it first time over Thanksgiving for a long weekend at a cabin in Arkansas. It was a long drive, so wanted it to keep our food cold on the trip there. Worked wonderfully! Have tested running off an Ecoflow Mini River to see how long it could run it. Was able to run it for 12 hours. Only thing I question with the frig is that it seems to not hold temp for long and starts running after only a after a 5 minutes or so. Also wish they had a blanket for it as that would probably help. Overall though, happy with it and the price!
Tammatha S Green Tammatha S Green
Owner operator
Really like being able to control the temperature on it. Holds just enough water for couple days and isn't very bulky
McKinley Strong McKinley Strong
Great product really like it. Will order again but not from this company. Thanks and have a great day
Mark Spohr Mark Spohr
Great little refrigerator
I'm been looking at these for a while since I am tired of soggy coolers and constantly running out of ice. Most of this type seemed very expensive for what you get. I was happy to find this at a good price. Good quality sturdy construction. Very quiet. Low power consumption. Nice easy to use display. Cools to below zero easily. Tight fitting lid and well insulated.I took an IR picture of the inside and you can see that the coils circle around the top of the compartment. This is a good design since the cool air will settle to the bottom and provide more even chilling all up and down.I would suggest that you keep the cooler on an insulating surface (carpet, foam, etc.) and not on a hot car floor since this will improve performance.I like the adjustable automatic low battery shutoff. Gives you peace of mind that you won't run down your battery.

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