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Rudy Chavez Rudy Chavez
Great for the price
Amazing machine!Works seamlessly! Great for the money.
Sidney Sidney
Best melting Machine
This melting machine is good quality with very good price and efficiency is great
Brian Ferreira Brian Ferreira
5 star customer service
I give them 5 stars because their customer service is great. i had some issue with the product but the were quick and attentive to fix the problem.
mzdaniels mzdaniels
Very satisfied
This little thing really heats up! Make sure you have plenty of open space. Works well.
Jose hernandez Jose hernandez
Fantastic online store
I love my little furnace , Fantastic experience, "Very Very Fast Service" It has exceeded my expectations, keep up the great work.
Sophie Gaudet Sophie Gaudet
Good quality and size!
I’m new to melting metals and was looking for a deep graphite mold to mess around with. This worked perfect for me. It’s really good quality and can hold a lot!
Edward Clark Edward Clark
Great for Metalcasting!
I'm using the graphite form to consolidate spare metals into blocks for storage to later be used for sand casting. It is super easy to pour into and can hold a lot of metal, which is great so I can melt down lots of small pieces into one big one. The form is solid and standing up well to the high temperature of liquid brass which I have used so far (I use a forge for melting). After cooling, the blocks aren't getting stuck and slide out without issue. All in all, I'd say this is great for my use and can highly recommend for metalcasting!
deedle deedle
Great little furnace!
I love this VeVor Melting furnace! I generally use Propane canisters to solder, and I'm very limited to the amount of silver I can melt and reprocess. This furnace melted 3 oz with no trouble at all, and I had a great pour into the ingots! So worth the money to reprocess my silver and gold!
Quinn Waterfield Quinn Waterfield
Perfect hose protector for driveway
Works well for making bronze which is at the limits of its melting temp.Only downside is it takes roughly 2 hours to reach 1100C meaning you get one bronze pour per 3 hour operating cycle. however gold and silver melt at lower temperatures than copper alloys which is what this is really designed for.I’ve done 10+ 3kg melts working on a bronze project. If I didn’t use the crucible as a slow cool mold to eliminate pour porosity it likely would of lasted 20-30 melts.The crucibles themselves are sturdy with good lifespan but are limited just like any other. Graphite is pure carbon meaning it slowly burns away as it’s used and is prone to cracking under impact.
1st time Smelting copper, had a great experience and fun doing so. I have quite a bit of copper to go. Could have had better instructions.

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