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Annie Annie
Best Mini Furnace for the Money!!!
This is the best furnace for the money on the internet, I’ve used it three times now for Copper, Silver, and Lead. It has not disappointed me yet.
Anita Anita
Good furnace, great customer service.
Had an issue with the first one, so they sent me a new one and it works great, excellent customer service.
Ariel Ariel
Amazing for beginners
This is a really good furnace takes a while to heat up but that’s normal amazing job I did my first pour ever and thinks it looks alright for never pouring before I’d definitely recommend as a first furnace for someone who might want to start pouring there own metals ( bar shown was from separate mold not included)
April April
Awesome furnace! Worked perfect for my project. I expect great things in the future
Ashley Ashley
Great smelting furnace, it heats up very quickly!
Great smelting furnace, it heats up very quickly! ti come with the the graphite crucible for silver,gold copper or aluminum, it has a digital control system too, it smelts quickly too! the crucible forceps are perfect, easy to hold, very stable and strong to hold the weight!
Aviva Aviva
Best affordable melting furnace
This is hands down the best value for the money melting furnace you can get. Great product for beginners that want to start learning how to melt copper, silver, gold, etc. The product pieces such as the tongs are great quality. Really satisfied with this melting furnace.
Barbara Barbara
Great for beginners
I was looking to get into bronze casting with my brother but we didn’t really have the ability to build out own forge and this was a great alternative. Really easy to use goes up to 1100C which is enough for bronze plus it gives you almost everything you need to use it. I definitely recommend
Beata Beata
Gets the job done with an electric furnance
My crucible broke after about 10 melts which I did not realize was about how many you get. I carefully tempered it at 250 degree increments. Vendor sent me some more which I really appreciated . Heating element still working and digital control is decent
Beatrice Beatrice
Great Little Furnace
I have cast lead and tin for a long time. I wanted to try some higher temperature metals. This is a great little machine. I had a minor problem and received great warrantee support. Great communications. Very pleased.
Becky Becky
Fantastic product and OUTSTANDING service!
Fantastic smelter. I am on my 5th pour with it and could not be happier. It heats up quickly holds the heat well and does what its designed to do. Had a hiccup with a crucible and they were quick to reply and take care of me. Would deffinitly purchase other products just for the great service alone

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