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Joles family Joles family
72 inch 40 kg
Comes with a paint brush
Seems to be a good product, not super strong but didn’t pay 1k. But he paint brush kinda throws ya off though. Yes it comes with a random paint brush.
Womeezy Womeezy
48 inch 30 kg
Well it IS a magnet…
As stated. It is a magnet. However it is not a four foot magnet. It will pick up and hold metal objects. It WILL NOT hold anywhere near the 65lbs advertised weight. In the picture and video attached is all it would pick up off the garage floor after I spilled a 25lb bucket of screws. It also has to be surprisingly close to any metal objects in order to attract them. Which means I cannot use for its intended purpose… hanging under the truck to clear driveway and yard.
Customer Service Reply: Dear customer ,
Sorry for the inconvenience has caused to you .

You can contact customer service for support, and we are always working on improving product quality.
Any questions,welcome to contact us !

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Jason Winfield Jason Winfield
Good purchase
This item seems to be pretty good quality. Only reason for 4 stars is that the eyebolt are just threaded through the mounting brackets and have no included nuts or washers. I would have preferred just having holes through the brackets and including nuts and washers. The magnet is strong and the release works as it should. I'm very impressed with the seller following up with me to make sure it was delivered on time and not damaged.Jason
A. Lucero A. Lucero
Great product pays for itself
Great product ordered this for my companies parking lot we work in the trades there’s always a ton of debris falling from the trucks. After averaging a flat tire every other week this product pays for itself. We attach it to our fork lift or 3 pt tractor hitch and do a sweep every morning and evening of our parking lot. 5 stars would highly recommend.
Justin Taylor Justin Taylor
Does its job perfectly
Excellent magnet, picks up everything off the lot behind the shop I run. Saves my company thousands on costly tire repairs and replacements from screws and sharp objects left behind from cleanup. Bolts right up to the forklift and sucks up metal objects like a vacuum. Easy to use, excellent price! Definitely recommend to any auto repair shops or industrial business park lots.
Christopher P. Christopher P.
48 inch 30 kg
Good buy
I like this a lot u need to make a stiff bracket on the back of the for wheeler to hold it on.
Nasser bakhtiari Nasser bakhtiari
48 inch 30 kg
Cleans up all metals
Mark Colmorgen Mark Colmorgen
48 inch 30 kg
Decent for the price
Jack stutts Jack stutts
48 inch 30 kg
Not as strong as I thought
Good magnets not as strong as I hoped for but hey
steven foster steven foster
48 inch 30 kg
Works well
Used this to pick up nails on ground after tearing old shed down. Works well could be a little stronger magnets.

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