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Janet Janet
30x60 inch Rubber
Great way to stay safe on an icy day.
This mat is ample in size to melt ice and snow near a doorstep.
ray ray
30x48 inch Rubber
better quality than others
Seems to be well constructed and a different texture and unlike other brands where the grommuts are rusting these are still shinny. Works fine melting the snow. The heat seems to warm the surface around the mat as well, basically melting snow on the entire step or landing.
L &M Jessey L &M Jessey
20x60 inch Rubber
Works great even with snow accumulating quickly. No icy spots to wipe out on. Quickly dries ice in a nice vapor. Will see how it lasts.
Matty T Matty T
10x30 inch Rubber
It works!
I guess the only thing that matters is that it works! We keep it right outside our side door that seems to get icy more than our front door and it has been very nice not having to worry about that!
Bo Bo
10x30 inch Rubber
Great matt
Easy to use and does the job I want it to do. I use it to keep my feet warm while working in the barn
VEVOR Customer VEVOR Customer
10x30 inch Rubber
Really works
Very sturdy. Value for money.
Carefor Carefor
20x60 inch PVC
Love it! Allowed us and our dog to be safe on deck when snow from metal roof comes off. I highly recommend this product from Vevor!
Alexandra Alexandra
30x60 inch Rubber
Everything I was looking for, so far.
I live in Montana. To be able to heat/melt sections of ice coming into my home makes a huge difference in the safety of my family and visitors. It's exactly what I was hoping it would be. I haven't had it for long, so I'm not sure you can trust my durability/sturdiness ratings, but so far so good!
Natasha Rathbun Natasha Rathbun
13x120 inch PVC
Ice melting powerhouse
This worked to melt off an ice damn on the roof when needed. It. would be fantastic if it was made with material that did not slide around on snow. I also didnt care for the on off switch that needs to be kept away from water. Otherwise it worked great for us
T. Vrba T. Vrba
10x30 inch Rubber
Does the job
I've had this for a while but we haven't had any snow or ice to speak of so I want able to test it until now. It came with 2 ports to connect to, only one is needed if you have just a single mat to connect to the power cord. Both ports have covers that screw on tightly so when not in use you can keep moisture or whatever out. This also included some stakes if you want to put this somewhere you can stake it in place - I just used on the concrete front steps of our house. They also sent a timer so you can set the time(s) you want this to run if you don't want it on all the time. I didn't use the timer, our power outlet is connected to a light switch. So i put this out on our steps after we got a mixture of freezing rain and a pile of sleet with a side of a dusting of snow, it took around 10 minutes for this mat to completely melt the ice mixture from the step, as soon as it has one step melted, I moved it to the next step & again it took about 10 minutes to melt everything under it. Pretty handy really! Didn't get super hot to the touch or anything, just barely warm but plenty warm to melt ice.The only issue with this is when you set it on anything that already has ice on it, the mat will slide right off if you step on it before the ice is melted. Otherwise though, I would highly recommend this - especially recommend if you get more snow and ice that we do, this would be really great not only for humans but for pets too if they have to navigate steps to get in & out of your house to do their business, particularly if they're older or disabled. Definitely recommend - do keep in mind though that you need 1 for each step/stair.

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