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G. G.
Nice DC jack..
Had a problem with the battery clamps but contacted the company was sent new clamps took a few weeks but I recieved them. Did test lift on new JL Jeep it lifted it with ease just always have motor running while using this as it does pull alot of power. I am happy with this product..
Lee Lee
Easy to use
The jack is easy to use and works great. It's a little slow but gets the job done. This jack is alot easier than hauling out a heavy hydraulic jack.
Me Me
5 T Electric Impact Wrench
It Works
I have only used once to test it out. It lifted my 2022 Chevy 2500hd enough to remove tires without any Xtra blocking. I didn't give five stars because price could be less and the lack of use .
troy brooks troy brooks
Great jack
Worked great for me this last weekend. Jacked up all four corners of my Volvo wagon to change brake pads (one at a time:). The motor and it's gears make a nerving sound, but the jack works great.
Randee Randee
Incredible Function
Much easier that a trolley jack when you're working on the ground, and don't really have enough room to use the long handle required. Everything in this package looks quality. Was also impressed with the up/down button.
Briss Briss
So Easy to Use
Nice and cool tool . Like it , doing the work so far , Got it pretty quick , and not expensive,
Moss Moss
I hope I never need to use this on the road, but I tried it out when it arrived and it works great. Easy to use and it even comes with clean, white gloves. Who could ask for more?
ida cruz ida cruz
I finally tried this out last weekend to lift a vehicle on to dollys for storage, so guess I used it four times. Worked great to lift a VW Beetle with no issues.
Vevor Customer Vevor Customer
Excellent Customer Service
I bought for my SUV in case of a flat. Rated at 5 ton. Yup it lifted effortlessly, both the jack and wrench work as described. Very pleased with my purchase.
Nora Price Nora Price
3 T Electric Impact Wrench, Safety Hammer, Inflator Pump
It help me a lot work
I purchased this tool for my wife's Honda Odyssey. Yes I have AAA service, and tires are in good shape but if you ever needed to change your tire while on the Freeway, you want to get the job done as quickly as possible. This device automates some of the hard work.

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