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jeannette long jeannette long
OMG get 1 that's all I gotta say it's fast and easy chopping
Charles Charles
1/4 inch
Potatoe cutter
Great product and works very good and good at cutting the potatoes haven't got to cut anything else yet. I love the homemade fries
Sally Martin Sally Martin
1/2 inch + 3/8 inch + 1/4 inch
My daughter loves this product
I bought this for my daughter for Christmas and she tell me every time she uses it that she loves it. I was pricy but I bought it anyway and I’m glad I did.
1/2 inch + 3/8 inch + 1/4 inch
Sturdy Chopper That Will Not Quit
This chopper is an absolute work-horse. It would easily stand up to daily use for years. No flimsy plastic and it will handle the largest of potatoes with ease. The long handle provides very good leverage to get through the toughest of cuts. You will need a good amount of space to store this item because of its height and footprint so if your space is tight, you might consider an alternative. The two minor issues I have with the unit are most likely unavoidable given the functional design. First, changing the blades involves partial disassembly of the mechanism. The designers did help overcome this with the quick release handle fastener pin. The second is the way that the cutting guides are attached. Thumb screws are used to secure it to a plastic housing. If you happen to have large fingers, you will need some type of pliers to loosen the thumb screws and I am wary of the impact of time and multiple blade changes may have on the plastic housing. So far it has been fine so the concerns may turn out to be unfounded. Overall, if you have the storage space, this is a terrific product and I would purchase it again.
Allen M Allen M
1/2 inch + 3/8 inch + 1/4 inch
Awesome slicer.
Children are able to make their own French fries. Very versatile for different sizes.
Manny Garcia Manny Garcia
Cuts potatoes well. Same for apple slicer with corer.
cover. Was able to use it fairly soon after receiving the unit. The thumb screws to attach the blades were a bit small had get pliers to loosen then tighten the attachment I wanted to use. Be careful when picking it up as the blades are sharp & cuts easily (found out the hard way. Cleaning needs to be done soon as dried bits stick making it harder to brush off... happy with slicing potatoes & the veggies to cubes. Apple slicer good 6 pieces makes larger pieces... used as us & pieces came out great... precooked helped. Would buy again. Also, would like 1/2 inch slicer...
robert wright robert wright
3/8 inch
This item worked very well
Its a nice chopper overall it does a good job. Its easy to clean and fairly simple to take apart. Additionally, though the seller does not sell spare blades, not to worry! I ordered this item from amazon that fits perfectly. It is a 3/8 inch blade identical to the one that came with the chopper "WICHEMI Commercial Easy Wedger Fruit Lime Slicer Cutter Commercial Vegetable Chopper Dicer Stainless Steel Blade". As you can see from the attached photo's and video they work perfectly with this unit. WWICHEMI carries any type blade you need 1/4,3/8,1/2 inch or 8petal edge blade.
Vickie W. Vickie W.
3/8 inch
Works great for food truck
This is the best chopper I have used to date. Wish grid was a tad smaller in size for onions but works great and would buy again. Easy to assemble.
John John
1/2 inch + 3/8 inch + 1/4 inch
boss, in my mind
Wife loves it Makes chopping veggies a breeze, Of course I supply the power to run it, but she can do it too, thank you
Jessica Durr Jessica Durr
It’s so easy to use. Love it!
Worth the money!

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