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Celia Celia
650 mm
Great inexpensive DRO
I don't need machine- tool tolerances for my mortising machine, but this DRO is plenty accurate enough for me! It works flawlessly in my application so far, several weeks.
Kim Kim
750 mm
Even if you have a simple drill press, get one these, install it and thank me later!!
Easily mounted cause we had one just like it before but had a major fire which melted rvery piece of plastic in our shop, but its a nice, easy installation with some planning and double and triple checking before you tighen up everything, yes it is on a drill press converted to a mill but its simple and really like the fractional mode!!!
Scott T. Scott T.
800 mm
A great, and cheap addition for my lathe
I used this on my 13-inch, Sheldon lathe. After some pondering, I was able to mount it to the cross slide using some existing holes. Works as it should and takes the guesswork and error out of that mechanism. Easy to read, [great for these ageing eyes] I am considering buying a longer one for the carriage.
Amaury Rivas Amaury Rivas
850 mm
Slides smoothly with repetetive readings.
Abolutely great for the price. Slides smoothly and have repetitive reading as long as it us mounted properly.
900 mm
So much better than guessing
I mounted this on my planer to help set cut depth and am completely satisfied with the results. The readout having a magnetic back makes it easy to place anywhere on the machine. The unit is accurate to within a thousandth, which is fine for my purposes. I mounted the unit using screws and spacers. The slide I mounted to the table using double sided foam tape. Took all of about 10 minutes to install. Would definitely buy again.
Hasitha Ramawickrama Hasitha Ramawickrama
950 mm
They can still be slid, just tight. These work super well and I've already made parts and let me tell you, these linear glass scales with my DRO display make easy work of it! You will not go wrong with buying these scales!
Non Stop Horizon Non Stop Horizon
950 mm
Plug and play...
These scales are as good as the best on the market and some for a fraction of the price.I did have to open one to cut-it to match a pre-existing installation. I have to say, I was impress with there quality. Also with the in-expensive DRO I have outstanding precision with out error compensation.Here the good;Solid and think aluminum extrusion.Quality reading head, it's well assemble and have quality components.The mounting end cap are sealThere's two lips seal set to prevent contamination.Contact and connections well protected even inside the DB9 connector.BX wires is flexible and good quality, the length is more than sufficient.Easy to install and dial-in +/- .002" on two axes.Come with an adaptor (DB9 / RS232) to match two different type of DRO connection.The Bad!?! I didn't find any about the scale but the cover could be skinnier and have end-cap. It's funny, order 4 scale and one came with the end-cap !?!I'm recommending this product and I'm impress with the construction, quality and precision. It's easy to install and just need to be plug and play.
650 mm
My DRO readout is accurate and reliable again!
I was loosing my Zero point on my X-axis, so I bought the 800mm one based on the recommendations of others. I received this one in good shape and installed the scale with no problems but a little elongating of a mounting hole (my original scale 37.25" compared to this 37"). From a little testing, it seems to be functioning reliably. Other sites would charge $230+ for a glass scale with shipping. Huge savings over the other popular web site(s) for scales. When my other 2-axis give me problems, I plan to come back. Very satisfied so far, hope time and use do not prove otherwise.
Angela Garvin Angela Garvin
900 mm
Linear glass scale
I got a full set of these to retrofit my old Kearny and Trecker with a dro. The scales were well packed, arrived quickly and seem to work just fine. I used a touch dro adapter, the paper that came with these had the pin out so I could easily wire them up.
william tuss william tuss
450 mm
Wiring diagram is misleading
The diagram above is misleading. It would be correct for the socket that this scale plugged into. There are numbers next to the pins in the connector. #1 is on the left not the right. The chart is correct ( #2 is ground 2nd pin from the left on the scales connector) and ( #7 is +5v, 2nd pin from the left on the bottom row)otherwise it seems to be well made and works smoothly.

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