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My DRO readout is accurate and reliable again!
I was loosing my Zero point on my X-axis, so I bought the 800mm one based on the recommendations of others. I received this one in good shape and installed the scale with no problems but a little elongating of a mounting hole (my original scale 37.25" compared to this 37"). From a little testing, it seems to be functioning reliably. Other sites would charge $230+ for a glass scale with shipping. Huge savings over the other popular web site(s) for scales. When my other 2-axis give me problems, I plan to come back. Very satisfied so far, hope time and use do not prove otherwise.
william tuss william tuss
Wiring diagram is misleading
The diagram above is misleading. It would be correct for the socket that this scale plugged into. There are numbers next to the pins in the connector. #1 is on the left not the right. The chart is correct ( #2 is ground 2nd pin from the left on the scales connector) and ( #7 is +5v, 2nd pin from the left on the bottom row)otherwise it seems to be well made and works smoothly.
Norman Norman
100 mm
linear scale
Came in excellent shape , will be useful on my lathes, and help in finding the positions as I operate them.
Don Teeple Don Teeple
250 mm
Excellent value
Was totally surprised at the quality of this product.I expected mediocre at best...What was received was way way above what I thought it would finish and completeness was plugged rt in NO only time will tell as to its durability. I highly recommend this to anyone who needs it.
Jim Jim
750 mm
Wow! Pleasantly surprised at the quality of these encoders.
Used on a Grizzly G0759 milling machine. Bolted right up to the X axis factory bolt holes with factory DRO
Steve Steve
1000 mm
This scale was a replacement for my hobby milliing machine that I have in my workshop. The reason I needed to replace it was that I made a mistake and broke my original that came with my Vevor Scale. The replacement arrive properly it was installed quickly with no issues. It works the way it should. Thank you again for your excellent customer service.
Chris Chris
100 mm
King of Castle
Added this linear encoder to the cross-slide of my mini lathe, works great! Bought the 200mm one for the carriage as well.
GridWork GridWork
200 mm
Great value, works so far.
The scales are pretty well made and look pretty good. Tracks well, can't say on the durability, time will tell. It should be ok as long as treated well.
Cerisecons Cerisecons
100 mm
Plug and play
These scales are as good as the best on the market and some for a fraction of the price.
Artemio Cespedes Artemio Cespedes
150 mm
Great deal!
I bought three scales for my little mini-mill for the X, Y, and Z-axis, and have to say I thought these were a great bargain. They come with mounting brackets, scales covers, mounting screws, and end covers for the scales which was an unexpected surprise. Be aware that although these scales are advertised as Mophorn, they are labeled Vevor which was fine with me because they are of decent quality. Mounting the scales required some creativity, but that would be with any brand. Make sure you measure correctly for the length and keep in mind it will be easier to deal with a scale a little too long than one that is a little too short. The 3-axis display appears to be a more solid display than the Cozyel brand I have on my larger mill. Packaging was excellent and shipping was on time. The only negative was the display didn't have a ground wire in the package, but that wasn't a big deal since I made one in quick order.

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