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Sean M. Sean M.
Better than the Reviews!
I ordered these then 3 days after I read all of the reviews and then quickly tried to cancel my order. I thought Great I'm an Idiot!!! In my opinion the Reviews are all SOUR ���� GRAPES!!! I can tell you that, No they are not "AIRPOTS" but the Real thing cost up to $30 a/pc! I can't afford that but let me put your mind n money to ease! They are light but seem durable, yes you have to assemble them but all of the parts were in the package. Their are 0 ZERO Defects, the Screws are ALL there and they are PERFECT and work just as Advertised!!! I put 1 together this morning with my fingers and it came out beautiful, exactly what they Advertised! After I put the one together I wanted to see the sturdiness so I made sure I did it correctly and then threw it across my Living room about 15 to 18 feet straight into my wall and it bounced off and I picked it up and what do you know? It's perfect still, nothing cracked, the screw did not fail or loosen in ANY WAY!!! The bottom drainage floor stayed exactly in place and did not Crack or loosen WHATSOEVER!!! I would personally Apologize to the VEVOR CORP. I read others reviews and thought I got ripped off, you came through with flying colors and your products is actually much better than I even expected for the Price which is Pennies compared to AIRPOT and or your other competitors. To the VEVOR CORP Thank you for your affordable, durable pots that will allow me to change my setup to COCO COIR and I sincerely apologize for the nasty reviews your product received on Amazon. Please people do not believe everything you read!!! No they are not AIRPOTS but I bought 6 12.5 lt or 2.5 gallon pots for$22.00 versus $28.00 for 1 pot and your product is excellent ���� ���� exactly what you advertised and they are more durable, easier to assemble and better looking asteticly than I thought I was going to be receiving. I give you 5 out of 5 for Price, 4 out of 5 for overall durability and quality, 5 out of 5 for ease of assembly and quality of
PreyStayShun PreyStayShun
These Make Sense
So here's the deal...look at the cost of the competition and realize you're paying 1/4 of the price.Yes, these came folded in the box...just as others mentioned. BUT they went together with ease, and they're 100% sturdy enough for a season or two.I would rather have these over a fabric pot ANY day of the week.
Mychailo Toloczko Mychailo Toloczko
These work
I assembled a bunch of these for my wife. It is true that some of the receiving holes are not open, but its typically just a very thin layer of plastic spanning a hole, so its easy enough to fix with a little punch. If assembling a bunch of these, it goes much faster with a power screwdriver.

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