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Mike Mike
Nice budget friendly enclosure
Works great keeping the chickens in and critters out. Install wasn’t too bad, did use better zip ties.
Maggie Maggie
I was skeptical going in, but when it arrived and taken out of the box, it was super easy and very well organized. Can’t wait to move my chickens into it.
Very easy to assemble, no brainer. Sturdy metal frame with "slide & pop" assembly, much like camping pipes. Everything needed was in the package. The lattice was more than enough to cover the whole structure, but it is made of very thin covered wire. For $200 bucks, I was really interested in the structure. The mesh I will replace according to my standards. Honestly, I wanted an overhead cover because if big birds, but I am not leaving the chickens in it overnight, so I am not concerned about predator breaching. Thank you for offering this nice chicken run!
timothy hudson timothy hudson
Great setup for my chicken run
I looked lal over for something not real expensive that I could use as a chicken holding cage for my younger chickens until they could run with the larger ones. I came across this one and have not been disappointed. It's held up well and has done the job. It was real easy to put together or at least it was to me, I had it up in no time. It's containing my younger chickens very well.
Mark & Judy in west TN Mark & Judy in west TN
just what we wanted
This product was exactly what we wanted to let our chickens out in. In fact we liked it so much we recently purchased another. One to keep our chickens in, and the other to cover our strawberries to keep birds out. This is a well thought out product that we can move around easily, with both of us being in our mid-late sixties. It was fairly easy to assemble, with plenty of ties to hold the mesh together.
grizzly grizzly
this is the second one of these I've purchased the other being the pointed roof design instead of the flat top I definitely would recommend the pointed over the flat top simply because the flat top will collect and pool water on top and cause the tarp to rip the netting included is trash as far as I'm concerned as stated in my other review I don't think it would keep chickens in much less anything out i trashed it and put regular chicken wire on it overall it is a good product for the frame by itself maybe the framework should be offered by itself
grizzly grizzly
works great for the price point only a couple of complaints the netting sent is almost like cloth and wouldn't keep a house cat out and probably wouldn't keep chickens in I threw it away and i bought regular chicken wire and put on it I think the netting should be an optional add on, additional tarps should also be an add on option but overall it does the job
Stephen Stephen
Questionable integrity
Super simple structure took a day by my self to assemble. Instructions are drawling dictation with few words. The netting is on the very cheep side supposedly a welded wire but putting any bit of stress on the joints rips them apart. Planing on cladding the frame in stronger solid chicken wire. The door was kind of a joke in how it’s both latched and hinged. I ran out of provided netting and had to use my own, the instructions don’t really tell how to connect the netting other than next step diagram. The frame is simple 1” ish round tubing galvanized. Simply it’s not a solid structure able to withstand bear attack I hope it can keep birds of pray and other small predators out.
Chad Chad
Chicken Coop
Fast delivery. Fairly easy to assemble. The frame is decent, the mesh covering is not very durable. It is fine for the chickens, but it will not hold up for any type of predator. I plan on adding a stronger chicken wire mesh around the perimeter. Overall I am satisfied.
Tina Tina
Chicken lady
I think they're absolutely wonderful I am still putting them together wishing The netting was a little bit stronger but other than that they are awesome worth the money thank you so much

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