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KyleLLeonard KyleLLeonard
Good value, works great.
I was hesitant buying this as it was so much less expensive than ones I'd heard about, but for the price I figured I'd give it a shot. I was pleasantly surprised to see everything was in the box that should have been. Installing it was very easy. The hardest parts were modifing the space in my van cupboard to fit it and making the hole for the exhaust. The heat output is great, I was very warm while it was near zero outside. Fuel consumption is not bad, I could get about 2.5-3 full night's on the included tank. Also this solved my humidity issue I was having during the winter. No more frozen water on the inside of the windows.
Kassie smithson Kassie smithson
Works amazingly! Bought it for a gift and ended up getting two!
Jason Jason
Great unit
Great heater, I actually have it heating my 3 car garage. JCS
joe skala joe skala
Thank you this got my wife and I though the winter.
jose corrales jose corrales
Love this little heater..
Good heat option for camping
It gives off good heat for a large roof top tent with annex. It uses diesel at a reasonable amount. We like that the control mechanism is simple, no thermostatic controller. The ducting hoses are flimsy but works on a pinch. The burn exhaust is a bit inconvenient to to take on and off for storage. I wish it had quick connect for the ducting and had option for intake ducting.
Clafris Clafris
Great Quality!
Great Quality! It works great for our snowmobile trailer.
Aaron Galindo Aaron Galindo
Kept me warm in -20F
i purchased this heater to install in my little homemade camper to replace the propane heater I was using. Propane was just too wet and was causing condensation issues. This little heater is the best investment I made for winter camping. I spent a week out boondocking and the temperature dropped down to -20F outside yet in my camper it remained 72F on the lowest setting. It barely uses any Diesel fuel overnight. I left it running 24 hours a day and had to fill the tank about once every 2.5 days. It does tend to run the battery down so having an extra battery or a charger is recommended. I have solar panels so didn't have to worry so much except on the cloudy days. on those days I would just run a generator to top off the batteries before going to bed. I read the complaints about how noisy the fuel pump is and it can be quite loud. I installed mine under the bed so it muffles the sound pretty well. Sounds like a ticking clock now. Looking to buy another heater to make a portable unit for tent camping.
Layne H. Layne H.
Seller responded quickly and fixed my order fast.
Only 4 stars for now. Bought this to heat my roof top tent. It did not come with the remote control as stated in the description. However the seller was quick to respond and make it right. They quickly refunded $25 overnight and gave me the link to purchase separately. The separate purchase only cost $20 so it was a win.So far I have only ran this with a couple of bench top test (one for 3 hours) and really puts out the heat with very little drain on the RV battery that I'm using. Sitting in 40*f temp the heater was able to put out 190*f dry air. Like I said I will be using this to heat my roof top tent on snow outings, so it should do the trick.I will be trying it out this weekend and will give un update after.
Awesome parking heater so far!
Great product! Shipped fast and fired up first try!

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