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Micro Micro
Nice choice
Very good as a rice holder for daily rice family. No complaint.
Perfect size holds a 40lb bag of dog food
1 bin perfectly holds a 40lb bag of dog food. Perfect for organizing the pantry. I would give 5 stars but the wheels do feel a bit cheap and flimsy. Works well for what I needed.
2 Packs Dry Ingredient 6.6 Gal Storage Bin Scoop Caster Commercial Restaurant
Saiful islam Saiful islam
Great item
Angi Angi
Just what I was looking for.
If you want something sturdy and easy to move around this is perfect.
Jacob Thompson Jacob Thompson
The wheels was a little pain to put on but when they are on tight they roll great
Phaelon Goodarrow Phaelon Goodarrow
Easy assembly, good caster connection, sturdy walls and lid
Nicely packaged, bins wrapped & nested, lids wrapped. Easy assembly of optional casters, nice rubber sheath over caster peg, seats firmly in corner hole of bin, NO NOISY WIGGLING. I got 2 bins, one at office casters installed, one at home wo casters, flat on floor. Both hold an insane amount of K9 kibble. Scoop easy access, easy portions.Top rim snap on bin, pull/push front edge a bit until it clicks into place.Clear lid slides on guides on sides, push front edge over lip, then clear lid is free to slide all the way back.May get 3rd bin for bulk bird seed. Bin is much more stable, tidy storage than saggy sack.
Elle Elle
Good storage for some things
These are really good storage containers, only wished it wasn't misleading to say they seal well because they don't and the wheel castors are super cheaply made, you'll have to get better wheels. Needs a seal
Melanie Melanie
Good for fast turnover storage
This is a nice set for a good price. My only dissatisfaction comes from the fact that there is no gasket for the lids, so this is not air-tight storage, which is what I'd been looking for. This was my own oversight in that I didn't read the details finely enough, and just assumed there would be a gasket.
Santa N. Claus Santa N. Claus
Love these! They aren't air tight but serve the purpose very well. Well made and just as sturdy as top name brands for much more. They easily fit right in to my bakery but big enough to quite a bit of flour and sugar.My only complaint is no scoops came with them but other than than that, they're pretty much top shelf 5 star all the way.
2 Packs Dry Ingredient 6.6 Gal Storage Bin Scoop Caster Commercial Restaurant
3 Pack Ingredient Bin With Caster 6.6 Gallon Mobile Restaurant Kitchen Flour Bin

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